June 1, 2024 – New TRS8BIT Newsletter

June 1, 2024 – New TRS8BIT Newsletter – Vol 18, No. 2

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Issue Information:

June 2024

Table of Contents:

“Mav’s T.A. Column – Latest News: Check Out The ‘Special Deal’ For CoCo Fans” by Ian Mavric
“2024 Competition Details” by Unattributed
“In Mav’s Workshop: Sort CoCo 3 Keyboards” by Ian Mavric
“Basic Dialects: Jim Has Compiled A Detailed List Of 18 Versions.” by Jim Adams
“Full Card Shuffle: Basic One-liner” by E.T. Fonehume
“TRS-80 M4GA” by John Mineur
“In Mav’s Workshop: Printer Problems With A Model I” by Ian Mavic
“April Basque TRS-80 Tournament” by Egoitz Campo
“Software Tools: Episode 4: Get Cracking” by Vince Otten
“The Way We Were: The Latest Ideas From In The Day” by Unattributed
“U.K. eBay Bargains: Were You One Of The Lucky Ones?” by Unattributed
“Surfin’ The Net: More New And Leading Tech Ideas From YouTube” by Unattributed
“Where Are They Now?: Remembering Leading Figures From In The Day” by Unattributed
“Amazing Fun-time Puzzle: Just For A Break!” by Unattributed
“Editor Assembler Plus” by Vince Otten
“In Mav’s Workshop: Model II Mostek Madness!” by Ian Mavric

June 4, 2024 – Model I Case Replication Project

Marcel Erz’s TRS-80 RetroStack projects continue to be completed.

Read about the recently finished Model 1 case replication project here.

And peruse his other finished projects including a ‘Fake Keyboard Bezel’ case that works with a Raspberry Pi and modern USB or wireless keyboards, a mini case, and about many others here.

Sign up for his Patreon and encourage him to complete the many special projects such as a TRS-80 Model 1 Japanese Replica, an improved version of the Model 1, or for the Norcom TC-III replica – A Model 3 in the form factor of a Model I.

Marcel Erz’s RetroStack is also hosting a noteworthy project by Ven Reddy: the Model 1 Test Harness. This device utilizes the *TEST signal on the edge card connector for system testing without needing to swap ROMs. The project is still in progress, so here’s a link to follow as it’s updated: here.

May 23, 2024 – Robert Kilgus Interview Parts 3 and 4

L Curtis Boyle let me know that Canadian Retro Things posted two more parts of his interview with Robert Kilgus.

Part 3 covers the main part of his career with the Coco from 1979-1984, including selected as one of the few to get the earliest prototypes of the TRS-80 Color Computer, the cross development system he used for the earliest Coco programs, and developing his Coco specific programs and games. You can watch that here

Part 4 (the final part) finishes covering the Coco (including the unreleased OS-9 Scripsit from 1984) and his final home computer (multi-platform) project – and what went wrong there. And a bit of what he is following these days. You can watch that here

May 17, 2024 – Robert Kilgus OK’s Downloads

L Curtis Boyle let me know that Canadian Retro Things posted a two part interview with Robert Kilgus. They write:

While at the 32nd Annual ‘Last’ Chicago CoCoFest I took a little side trip with L Curtis Boyle. We visited Robert Kilgus, a name you may recognize from a number of TRS-80 Model 1 and CoCo programs. We sat down with Robert, here is part one of the interview covering his early days, before doing anything for Tandy.

You can watch Part 1, entitled “The Early Years” here and Part 2, entitled “The TRS 80 Model 1 Years”, here.

While they were it, they secured permission from Robert to post his sofware and books, so you can download his book, Inside Microfiles, right here and all of Robert’s files have now been made downloadable via the Software Seach Page.

May 5, 2024 – Catweasel Utilities Updated to v4.10.1

Quentin Barnes has updated the Catweasel Utilities to v4.10.1

New to this release are:

  • Fix indefinite looping while guessing head stepping rate when encountering unusually formatted disks, often from copy protection.
  • Fix bug with wraparound detection when the duplicate ID block gets cut off by the DMK buffer filling up. The fix is to stop decoding when the buffer fills up, so that we don’t detect such a header in the first place.

A ZIP file with the DOS, Linux, and Source Code can be downloaded here.

The main GITHUB can found at https://github.com/qbarnes/cw2dmk/.