Model II Kermit File Transfer, Linux Cross Assembler and KBU Repair

Chris Osborne, @FozzTexx, has been tweeting a lot lately about his TRS-80 Model II repairs and other adventures in restoration and use.

Not only did he restore the keyboard to new-like state (using supplies from the Dollar Tree) he was been busying porting a version of Kermit (file transfer protocol) that does proper hardware handshaking, and creating a Linux CP/M cross assembler in the process.

April 22, 2016 – Dutch TRS-80 User Group – Archive Online and New Website

A long time TRS-80 related site,, run by the Dutch TRS-80 Users Group has been updated.

The Dutch TRS-80 User Group was established on 1 October 1978 to support the new home computer from Tandy, the TRS-80. The User Group made a quick start and grew to over 4000 members. It published a bi-monthly newsletter, Remarks, which was the main source of information for many first-time computer users. The yearly User Day was the main event for buying hardware, software and exchanging knowledge. With the demise of the TRS-80 the User Group became accordingly smaller. The remaining members aim to preserve the TRS-80 and the knowledge of this retrocomputer.

To do so, the User Group today presents a new website and the complete archive of 108 newsletters, Remarks.

The site is in Dutch, but for those using Chrome, Google will offer to translate the pages as you move around the site.