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* Vernon Hester has placed his software into the public domain and any software that he has written (including any software available on may be freely distributed without restriction. This includes any and all versions of: ZEUS, MULTIDOS, ESOTERIC, ASTROCAL, and Z-DOS. No warranties are expressed or implied, and support will be available on a limited basis.
July 15, 2012

* The Scott Adams original text Adventure games are still copyrighted by Scott Adams and are not Public Domain. They may be freely downloaded and enjoyed though. Please see Scott’s web site for his new game Return To Pirate’s Island 2.

December 12, 2000

* Roy Soltoff holds the copyright to the software and documentation listed as Misosys, Breeze, and Kim Watt; notices that name other authors are outdated. Roy grants free permission to everyone to download and use this software and documentation and to redistribute it to others, provided this notice is retained. All other rights are reserved.