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This page will allow you to search through the TRS-80 software archive. Due to limits of SQL searches, you do need to enter enough search parameters to provide reasonably narrow results.

The defaults will give the broadest results and each search box should be considered and AND search. The more boxes you fill, the narrower the results.

You can enter partial information into any box, so, for example, searching for just gr in the description box will bring up every result that contains a g followed by a r no matter where they appear in a description. I use the TWO description boxes when I am unsure if something is one word, two words, or has a hyphen in it (so if I was looking for TRSLINK magazine, I would put TRS in the first box and LINK in the second box (instead of TRSLINK in the first box; so that “TRS LINK” and “TRSLINK” and “TRS-LINK” would show up). You can force your search to be for letters appearing at the beginning of a word through the “Search Type” box at the bottom.

If the file is downloadable, the description will be in bold. If you click the icons in the “NOTES” column, you can get a picture of the media, a link to the manual (or cover if the manual is not available for download), a picture of the advertisement for the product, service notes for the product, and/or a screen shot of the software.

For convenience, I have set up a three shortcuts for the “AUTHOR” box. Typing in trs will produce results which include Tandy and Radio. Typing in noau will produce results which exclude entries where the author is unknown. Typing in mlbw will produce results which include Watt, QSD, Breeze, Powersoft, Misosys, Logical, and Soltoff.