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What is this page?

This page contains a searchable database of the tables of contents from the following magazines:
 80 Microcomputing
 80 Notebook
 80 U.S. Journal/80 N.W. Journal
 Alternate Source
 Baron’s Microcomputing
 Basic Computing
 Computer User
 Creative Computing
 H & E Computronics – Issues 42-53
 H & E Computronics – Monthly Newsletter (1978) – Issue 1
 Microcomputer News
 PROG-80 – Issues 1-9
 Softside – Volume 1, Issue 1 through Issue 47
 SofsideDV – Issues 40, 41, and 44
 The 8ighty – Issues 1 through 8
 Trace – Issues 1 through 8
 Other Magazines

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= All the copies I have are in the database, but there are issues I am missing;
= All issues of this publication are in the database.

TRS-80 Magazine Table-Of-Contents Search (Archived Issues ONLY)


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 80 Microcomputing    80 Notebook
 80-US Journal    Alternate Source
 Baron’s    Basic Computing
 CLOAD    Computer User
 Creative Computing    H & E Computronics
 H & E Computronics Monthly Newsletter
 Microcomputer News    Micro-80
 Prog-80    SoftSide
 SoftsideDV    The 8ighty
 TRACE    TRSTimes
 Other Magazines
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