E-Mail Addresses

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Personal Home Page
Scott Adams
(Adventure International)
R. Baker
(Author of Trakcess)
Oliver Bailey
Jon Bokelman
Ken Brown
(Modular Software Associates – PASPATCH, NewBasic, The Analyst)
Leo B. Christopherson
(Those Cool Graphics Programs)
John Cominio
William Demas
(Talking Adventure, Panik!, Frog)
Bryan Eggers
Fantastic Software
(Talking Adventure)
Roger W. Faulds
(Tape File Manager)
George Gallen
(SuperTerm and SuperHost)
Phelps Gates
Charlie Quante
(Frog Song)
Wayne Green
(80 Micro)
Greg Hasset
Dennis Bathory-Kitsz
(Custom TRS-80 and Other Mysteries)
Jeff Konyu
(Big Five)
Dale Kubler
(The Bottom Shelf & Exador, Inc. – Maxi Cras, Maxi Manager, etc.)
Dr. David A. Lien
(TRS-80 Level I Users Manual,
The BASIC Handbook,
MX-80 Users Manual)
Nicholas J Leon
(Bullet-80 BBS)
Yves Lempereur
(Many Games)
Tim Mann
(Logical Systems/LDOS)
Rick Maurice
(Grand Prix 80, Martian Patrol, Starbird)
Harry McCracken
Lance Micklus
(Dogstar Adventure)
Mark Hunn
Mel Patrick
(FastTerm, Fast-80, Day-By-Day, …)
William D. Schroeder
(Logical Systems, Inc. and Galactic Software)
Peter Trefonas
(Many CLOAD Games)
Jeff Vavasour
(Author: Model I and III Emulator)
Richard VanHouten
(Compression Utilities)
Theresa Welsh
(Lazy Writer)
John Weaver Jr.
(Outhouse, Chicken, Rally, Vexus, Planetbuster, Yield, and Pulsar)
Wayne Westmoreland
(Arcade Games)
Les Wilson
(Some Games)
Kim Watt