E-Mail Addresses
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Scott Adams (Adventure International) Email http://www.msadams.com
R. Baker (Author of Trakcess) Email  
Oliver Bailey (MacroMon) Email  
George Blank (Santa Paravia and Fiumaccio) Web
Jon Bokelman (Orch-80/85/90) Email  
Ken Brown (Modular Software Associates – PASPATCH, NewBasic, The Analyst) Email  
Leo B. Christopherson (Those Cool Graphics Programs) Email http://www.leochristopherson.com
John Cominio (Stratos) Email  
William Demas (Talking Adventure, Panik!, Frog) Email  
Bryan Eggers (Orch-80/85/90) Email  
Fantastic Software (Talking Adventure) Email mclv.net
Roger W. Faulds (Tape File Manager) Email  
George Gallen (SuperTerm and SuperHost) Email http://www.carcarealert.com
Phelps Gates (APL-80) Email
Charlie Quante (Frog Song) Email  
Wayne Green (80 Micro) Email  
Greg Hasset (Adventures) Email  
Bill Hogue (Big Five) Email
Dennis Bathory-Kitsz (Custom TRS-80 and Other Mysteries) Email www.maltedmedia.com/
Jeff Konyu (Big Five) Email www.bigfivesoftware.com
Dale Kubler (The Bottom Shelf & Exador, Inc. – Maxi Cras, Maxi Manager, etc.) Email  
Dr. David A. Lien (TRS-80 Level I Users Manual,
The BASIC Handbook,
MX-80 Users Manual)
Email http://www.compusoft.com
Nicholas J Leon (Bullet-80 BBS) Email  
Yves Lempereur (Many Games) Email
Tim Mann (Logical Systems/LDOS) Email http://www.tim-mann.org/
Rick Maurice (Grand Prix 80, Martian Patrol, Starbird) Email  
Harry McCracken (Adventures) Email  
Lance Micklus (Dogstar Adventure) Email http://j4tb.com/lance
Mark Hunn (WChill) Email  
Mel Patrick (FastTerm, Fast-80, Day-By-Day, …) Email http://www.wabbitwanch.com
William D. Schroeder (Logical Systems, Inc. and Galactic Software) Email  
Peter Trefonas (Many CLOAD Games) Email  
Jeff Vavasour
(Author: Model I and III Emulator)
Email http://www.vavasour.ca/jeff/
Richard VanHouten (Compression Utilities) Email &nbsp
Theresa Welsh (Lazy Writer) Email http://www.explainamation.com
John Weaver Jr. (Outhouse, Chicken, Rally, Vexus, Planetbuster, Yield, and Pulsar) Email  
Wayne Westmoreland (Arcade Games) Email  
Les Wilson (Some Games) Email  
Kim Watt (SuperUtility) Email http://breeze.org/
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