Diskette Request Form

If you have a Model I, III, 4 or 4P and need Boot Disks, you have come to the right place! A few notes first.

Note 1:
This form is NOT for general contact. Please do not use this to contact me. Because this page is like spam bait, I won’t put a link to contact me here, but you can find links all over the site to “Send me Email” or “Contact me”. Please use THOSE to ask questions, and leave this to request disks.

Note 2:
If you have a Model I, III or 4 and just want a Boot Disk, you use Juergen Bussert’s BOOTSTRAP utility which permits a Model III, and Model 4 and Model I with an expansion interface, disk drive, and cassette cable (with either a cassette player or hooked up to a PC or Raspberry Pi) to create Model I, III and 4 boot disks. You can find this here.

Note 3:
A Model 4 is a Model III also, and can act as a Model III if Model III DOS disks are used. If you have a Model 4 and also want to access Model III mode, you will need to request Model III disks as well.

Note 4:

Note 5:
I make disks for the USA only, particularly because international postage is insanely expensive (Canada = $28; UK = $41). For those who need disks in other countries:
  • In Canada: please reach out to:
    • Matthew at therealmrevilded at gmail dot com
    • Kirk Rietveld at rietveldkirk at hotmail dot net
    • Henry Rietveld at Rietveldh at hotmail dot com
  • In the UK/EU: please reach out to Steve Hall at steve at tarkie dot net.
  • In Australia/New Zealand, please reach out to Ian Mavric at sixpointninemb at hotmail dot com.

Please Fill Out

What TRS-80 Model(s) do you have?

Model I

Model III

Model 4

Model 4P

What DOS’s do you need?

Model I
Model III
Model 4/4P
LDOS v5.3.1
LDOS v5.3.1
LDOS v6.3.1-1H
TRSDOS v6.2.1-AR
NEWDOS/80 v2.0
NEWDOS/80 v2.0
Super Utility + v3.2
Super Utility + v3.2
Super Utility 4/4P

Check if Applicable:

 I understand that there are costs involved in the creation, packing and shipping of the disks I am asking for, and I intend to donate once I receive the disks.
 I’m having a bit of trouble with automatics so leave this box alone please.

Test Your Drives FIRST:

To test your drives, do the following:

  • Turn on your Model I, III, or 4
  • Enter non-disk BASIC (hold down the break key as you reset)
  • Answer all promoted questions until you are at the READY prompt
  • Type either POKE 14304,1 for a Model I, or OUT 244,1 for a Model III or 4.
  • Look at Drive :0
  • If Drive :0 is on/spinning, it is at least hooked up properly and you should check the box below.

Check only if your drive :0 lights up.

Enter any message: