Diskette Request Form

If you have a Model I, III, 4 or 4P and need Boot Disks, you have come to the right place! A few notes first.

Note 1:
A Model 4 is a Model III also, and can act as a Model III if Model III DOS disks are used. If you have a Model 4 and also want to access Model III mode, you will need to request Model III disks as well.

Note 2:

Note 3:
I make disks for the USA only, particularly because international postage is insanely expensive (Canada = $28; UK = $41). For those who need disks in other countries:
  • In Canada: please reach out to:
    • Matthew at therealmrevilded at gmail dot com
    • Kirk Rietveld at rietveldkirk at hotmail dot net
    • Henry Rietveld at Rietveldh at hotmail dot com
  • In the UK/EU: please reach out to Steve Hall at steve at tarkie dot net.
  • In Australia/New Zealand, please reach out to Ian Mavric at sixpointninemb at hotmail dot com.

My submission form isn’t working. If you are a javascript expert, please let me know. Until I get it fixed …

If this is all you, then please Email Me your full address, email address, and what TRS-80 models you have!