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Using a Composite Monitor In Lieu of a Model I Monitor

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The TRS-80 was originally sold with a 13″ RCA Black and White Television with most of the guts ripped out. However, there can be times that a monitor is not available, you can build this cable to connect your Model I to a composite monitor. For instructions, visit here.

Building a Replacement Model I Power Supply

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It is very common today for people to have Model I power supply issues. While common wisdom says to cut open non-working supplies and check/replace the fuse, sometimes that is not possible, that is not the problem, or the individual is missing a supply altogether.

Fortunately, two individuals have prepared schematics and instructions on building a replacement power supply using current-day easy-to-find parts.

  1. Charles – For instructions, download this PDF. Note: This design has parts which are easier to procure within the USA.
  2. Dean Bear – For instructions, visit here.

For a video constructing one, visit Here.

Case for Expansion Interface

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If you have an Expansion Interface but no case, Andrew Quinn has created this perspex “case”, which he advises is strong enough to support the monitor.

Drilling instructions can be found here.

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