TRS-80 Model I Composite Video Cable


The TRS-80 was originally sold with a 13″ RCA Black and White Television with most of the guts ripped out. However, there can be times that a monitor is not available, and this is about the best you are going to do.

Ian Mavric has created a video which will give the step by step for building a TRS-80 Model I to Composite cable.


  1. Remember – you are doing this at your own risk; we take no responsibility for the process.
  2. Buy a standard male-to-male composite RCA cable (such as an audio patch cable)
  3. Buy a 5-Pin DIN Connector
  4. Cut off one end of the composite cable
  5. Expose the two conductor wires inside – 1 is in in the center and 1 is the shielding around the cable [See the 2:25 minute mark]. The shielding is the ground connector, and the center shielded connector is what will carry the signal
  6. Tin the two wires so that they are ready for soldering [3:09 mark]
  7. Trim the tinned wires to 1/2 a centimeter or 0.2 inches long [3:37 mark]
  8. Stick the cable through the DIN shield (because it will be impossible to get on afterwards)
  9. Solder the center wire (video signal) to pin 4 (the 1 O’Clock Pin when facing out) [4:15 mark]
  10. Solder the other wire (ground) to pin 5 (the 11 O’Clock Pin when facing out)
  11. Verify the connection is strong by gently pulling on the wires
  12. Locate the Video DIN connector on the back of the TRS-80 Model I, which is the one in the middle
  13. Test the connector by hooking the cable up
  14. If it works, seal up the DIN cable

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