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This site is devoted to providing extensive information on the line of TRS-80 personal home computers, with a specific focus on the Model I, Model III, and Model 4. There is also SOME information on the Model 100/102/200/600, Color Computer, and Pocket Computer lines as well as Printers and Clones. Information from these links includes product descriptions, catalog numbers, pictures, prices, operations, hardware, software, etc.

You can also find utilities and information on how to read TRS-80 disks and how to read TRS-80 tapes on a modern PC, how to run them on a modern computer using a TRS-80 emulators, and utilities to manipulate the disk images and cassette images once you have them converted. I can even read your disks for you into a format which you can use in a TRS-80 emulators on your PC.

Other information on the site includes online reference manuals for Level II BASIC and NEWDOS/80, as well as information (and walk-throughs) for the Scott Adam’s adventures and tips/tricks/easter eggs. There are even utilities to play your old ORCH 80/85/90 files again!

There are pages devoted to TRS-80 DOS’s such as NEWDOS/80, DOSPLUS, MULTIDOS, and CP/M, as well as hacks for TRS-80 Model I, Model III, and Model 4 and for Hardware Repair, and Modern-Day Hardware which can substitute for TRS-80 Hardware.

Almost all of the magazine covers featured on this site also come with details about the issue, and the table of contents of the articles which were present. There are currently over 240 pages to the site (not including news postings), so feel free to poke around.

You can even search through the TRS-80 Software Archive, the TRS-80 Magazine Tables of Contents, and the TRS-80 Catalogs.

And for your reading/research pleasure, there are interviews with TRS-80 personalities, Radio Shack Lore and Site visitor contributed personal stories about the TRS-80.

Do you have a real TRS-80?

If you have a real TRS-80 and can check to see if the ROMs you have are different than those which have already been found, we would love to hear from you. You can find instructions on how to check the CRC of you TRS-80 based on the Model … Model I, Model III, and Model 4. Those pages will explain what version of the ROM you might have, list what we are missing, provide a program for you to determine your CRC, and instruction on how to dump your ROM.

Do you have real TRS-80 disks just lying around? LET ME RESCUE THEM

While TRS-80 disks were not made to hold data for 35 years, the data is most likely still there if the disks were stored properly. However, that is a big “if”.

If you have TRS-80 Model I, III or 4 disks lying around, please contact me. I can read those diskettes into a format which can then be used on modern PC’s running emulators (letting you re-live your memories). This will also preserve your collection!

I do NOT charge for this and put together this FAQ for those interested.

Free Services and Goodies

Do you have a real TRS-80 and need disks? Click here to request.

Are you a copyright holder? If you didn’t give me permission to host your property, then your property is NOT available for download on this site. However, if you are willing to allow it to be, please contact me!

Want to use an emulated TRS-80 RIGHT NOW? Click here.

21 thoughts to “Welcome Page”

  1. It’s time to dispose of some stuff in the attic and I Goggled just to see if anyone else is doing the same. I guess there are. I wonder what happens if I post a comment, and I guess I will. JB

  2. Looking to obtain a working Model III with some minimal disks, etc. I am a BASIC (XB) programmer on the TI-99/4A and would LOVE to add Model 3 to my collection… Maybe port a few of my own games to the system. 🙂

    Like this site alot. Thanks for hosting!

    1. I’m trying to help my father, and I’m so happy to find this site dedicated to the TRS-80. He wants to sell his family’s TRS-80 Model II, 2 megabyte “Business Management System.” System comes with a computer, monitor, operating manual, keyboard, 3 floppy disk drives, printer (original cable, extra cable, operating manual), and desk. All pieces have covered in plastic and blankets for 20 years and still turns on when plugged in. We do not know how to value this complete set. What is this set worth? Does anyone know? Any buyers? Thank you.

  3. i’m very happy to see that this site even exists.i recently purchased a model 4 on ebay a lot software just get a trsdos 6.2 disk to boot it up.
    well i found trsdos diskettes and some ldos ones.the seller warned about sticky keys.so i will buy 4 for parts.i have 500.00 invested so far,just
    to write BASIC programs. i have several different programs such as multi-plan,superscripit,visicalc,cobol,general ledger,etc. the trs-80 models III and 4 are my favorites…your a welcome friend mick

  4. Hello all. Plea for help here. april 28th 2016, is bring your kid to work day. I have a trs-80 Model III and four, left over in our facility that used to run some data collection for beepers. I want to hook these up and run a game or something for a demo of what computers were like from long ago. I have personally only Commodore PETs, so I don’t have anything TRS-80.

    Heck I’m having a hard time remembing TRS-80 Disk functions.. I think its Dload ? I’ll take any pointers I can get and a program or two would be greatly appreciated !!!!

    If you send me anything prior to 04/25/16 my address is as follows

    Mark Daily
    C/O United Radio Service
    5717 Enterprise Pkwy
    East Syracuse NY 13057

    THANK YOU ALOT in advance

  5. I have a model 100 in vinyl case. In great shape, with manuals, plug in, ac adaptor, and “portable disk drive.” At this point, have not attempted to boot….

    Any thots on starting it up after 35y? And I need to sell… and no idea how to price.
    Senior in Canada soon heading back to USA, looking to raise money for that venture.

  6. I have a TRS-80 model I, original monitor and cassette tape player; a disk drive, expansion board, some software, LDOS. Does anybody want it? I live in Houston, Texas. I’m hoping to get something for it, but probably if someone pays for shipping I’ll be happy.

  7. I have a TRS-80 Model II, monitor + Expansion Board + Floppy Drive: up and running. I have programs selfmade or bought, some of them working.
    I made a connector to replace monitor by a W10 computer and monitor. I use different camera solutions (e.g. normal VLC and OBS studio) so I can read better and record anything on the screen.
    Anybody interested in old SW exchange or ideas for new applications?
    What I need are button caps: “7” and “8” : or caps anything on it: they are broken and lost but the button itself is working.
    I also have a WATANABE WX4675 plotter controlled by TRS-80 but the X direction plastic driver chain broken. Any ideas to fix or replace?
    I would appreciate your help or advice.

  8. @LynnDavis Just saw your post. Are you still Interested possibly in selling? I’m very possibly interested in purchasing. Feel free to text or call me at +1 917 921 1039. My name is Michael. Hope to hear from you!

  9. I recently acquired a trs-80 model 3 it powers on then after 10 seconds it goes off, nothing at all comes on the screen just the two lights on the disk drives

  10. Wow, what trip down memory lane! I was 13 when my parents bought our first Model I. We were hacker’s hackers. Built an LNW expansion card, bootleg copied level 2 BIOS from a friend, bought all kinds of 3rd party add-ons, external drives, etc. and spend countless hours typing in BASIC games from various magazines we subscribed to.

  11. I picked a working Model III ,48K, 2 drive unit as I want to replace the Level 2 BASIC ROMS with the LEVEL 1 ROMs I have had ‘forever’. I upgraded 3 , IIIs a long, long time ago…and of course can’t remember HOW I did that. Any help is appreciated. If I can confirm they are good, I’ll read and save the ROMs bin data using my EPROM blaster ( once I find that…..)

  12. Looking to buy any original baggies that software came in, TRS-80. Email me if you have any you’d like to sell, thanks!

  13. I have a 21 TRS-80 Floppies that have genealogical data on them from the original RS Programs. Big job to re-type from the printouts, could use conversion!
    What kind of format will I receive the data back in?
    Will I be able to copy/transfer the data into Excel or Word?
    Do I have to use an emulator to convert them if not?
    Most of the files are were done in ProFile I believe, a few in Scripsit.
    I can overnight mail them as you suggest. Do you need pre-paid return mail?
    Here’s hoping, thanks!

  14. Hey guys, does anyone have any CoCo cassettes? I just bought one, and I am ordering a cassette cable. I need some cassettes, preferably of games, because I could only find cartridges on eBay. Cartridges are fine too, but I want tapes because cartridges are more expensive.

  15. I have a TRS-80 color computer I don’t need. Is there a place on here I can list it free for Orlando pickup or shipping-plus-$20? Original packaging (cardboard is a mess). It warms up when I turn on the power, but I don’t have the cables to connect it to a tv to see if it works.

  16. I have software and manuals that someone may find of interest.
    Power Tool for Model I/III in original binder – condition of floppy media unknown
    Profile III Plus for Model III in original binder – condition of floppy media unknown
    Visicalc for Model 4 in original binder – condition of floppy media unknown
    TRSDOS 6 for Model 4/4P in original binder – condition of floppy media unknown
    Also a Model 4 Technical Reference Manual in original binder
    Interested parties reply to Email

  17. I have a TRS 80 Model III in great condition and original packaging. What is the best venue to sale to someone who appreciates the value of this gem.

  18. Hi all,

    I have a TRS-80 Model 1 in good working condition. I also have several Model 1 diskettes that I’d like to repair so that I can still use them with my Model 1. Any suggestions or guidelines will help greatly. Thanks in advance. Looking forward to hearing from you folks.

  19. I went to the dump about a month ago and they had a stack of model 3’s and a few 102’s the guy let me take one of each and now both work great and thanks to Ira I have boot discs now. So many memories, we used model3’s in highschool computer class in 1992. Now one lives with me.

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