June 1, 2024 – New TRS8BIT Newsletter

June 1, 2024 – New TRS8BIT Newsletter – Vol 18, No. 2

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Issue Information:

June 2024

Table of Contents:

“Mav’s T.A. Column – Latest News: Check Out The ‘Special Deal’ For CoCo Fans” by Ian Mavric
“2024 Competition Details” by Unattributed
“In Mav’s Workshop: Sort CoCo 3 Keyboards” by Ian Mavric
“Basic Dialects: Jim Has Compiled A Detailed List Of 18 Versions.” by Jim Adams
“Full Card Shuffle: Basic One-liner” by E.T. Fonehume
“TRS-80 M4GA” by John Mineur
“In Mav’s Workshop: Printer Problems With A Model I” by Ian Mavic
“April Basque TRS-80 Tournament” by Egoitz Campo
“Software Tools: Episode 4: Get Cracking” by Vince Otten
“The Way We Were: The Latest Ideas From In The Day” by Unattributed
“U.K. eBay Bargains: Were You One Of The Lucky Ones?” by Unattributed
“Surfin’ The Net: More New And Leading Tech Ideas From YouTube” by Unattributed
“Where Are They Now?: Remembering Leading Figures From In The Day” by Unattributed
“Amazing Fun-time Puzzle: Just For A Break!” by Unattributed
“Editor Assembler Plus” by Vince Otten
“In Mav’s Workshop: Model II Mostek Madness!” by Ian Mavric

June 4, 2024 – Model I Case Replication Project

Marcel Erz’s TRS-80 RetroStack projects continue to be completed.

Read about the recently finished Model 1 case replication project here.

And peruse his other finished projects including a ‘Fake Keyboard Bezel’ case that works with a Raspberry Pi and modern USB or wireless keyboards, a mini case, and about many others here.

Sign up for his Patreon and encourage him to complete the many special projects such as a TRS-80 Model 1 Japanese Replica, an improved version of the Model 1, or for the Norcom TC-III replica – A Model 3 in the form factor of a Model I.

Marcel Erz’s RetroStack is also hosting a noteworthy project by Ven Reddy: the Model 1 Test Harness. This device utilizes the *TEST signal on the edge card connector for system testing without needing to swap ROMs. The project is still in progress, so here’s a link to follow as it’s updated: here.

May 23, 2024 – Robert Kilgus Interview Parts 3 and 4

L Curtis Boyle let me know that Canadian Retro Things posted two more parts of his interview with Robert Kilgus.

Part 3 covers the main part of his career with the Coco from 1979-1984, including selected as one of the few to get the earliest prototypes of the TRS-80 Color Computer, the cross development system he used for the earliest Coco programs, and developing his Coco specific programs and games. You can watch that here

Part 4 (the final part) finishes covering the Coco (including the unreleased OS-9 Scripsit from 1984) and his final home computer (multi-platform) project – and what went wrong there. And a bit of what he is following these days. You can watch that here