DMKCHK Utility Updated to v0.0.4

Quentin Barnes has updated his DMKCHK utility to v0.0.4

DMKBSC will parse a DMK and advise as to which specific sectors which are bad, if any. DMKBSC runs under LINUX, Rasperry Pi, Windows x32, Windows x64, and under MSDOS.

The new version fixes a few bugs in the reporting of the sectors.

A Tarball with binaries and with the source of v0.0.4 can be downloaded GITHUB (in tar.gz format), or from the DSK and DMK Image Utilities page on this site (which is in ZIP format and has the Source Code included).

Modern Replacement Power Supplies for Model 4P

“Shadowtron” has developed a design which uses modern components to fully replace the power supply of a Model 4P. Ian Lockhart tweaked the design and Jay Newirth has sourced and built Model 4P replacement power supplies with a separate 12v video line for monitor. Simply remove then old one and swap all the cables from the old one to the new one. That’s it.

You can find it at the NewSoft Store.

Site Updates

I think I got all the http vs https out of the way, although there are a suprising number of external sites which this site links to which are not https enabled and others that have gone ‘poof’.

Spent the $10 on the Dr. Link link checker to clean up all the bad links on the site but the cap is 10,000 links and the site has WAY more than that; but at least out of the first 10,000 pages scanned there are no bad links.

Site Updates

  • Added a 3-D Printable Parts page, which has some neat replacement items which can be 3-D printed
  • To slightly reduce the site size (both for Mixed Content errors and number of crawlable pages), I have moved all 2019 and 2020 news items to a consolidated page, and added them to the Old News Page
  • Noticed that not all of Bryan Mumford’s software was downloadable, so I fixed those links – you can find his software (and manuals, where available) here.
  • I seem to have never put up a menu link to the Sample Machine Language Routine page.

Trouble with Chrome or WordPress or Theme or all.

Update 2: It seems that the theme I use had the font hardcoded in its assets/css directory.

Update: I am converting pages as fast as I can to avoid the “mixed content” blocks, but there is still something wrong. If you come to the site under https:// you won’t get the right font. I still don’t know where that call is …

Previous: I mainly use Chrome and the site is looking awful, as well as blocking some downloads. I have determined that either Chrome, WordPress, my Theme, or some combination, has decided that “mixed content” (https calling http) is now to be blocked. That is knocking out a bunch of stuff, including the font and jquery. For the life of me, I do not remember where in the wordpress theme I set up a custom page header that included that stuff; but hope to find it at some point.