M4ZVM Infocom Executor Updated to v7

Shawn Sijnstra has updated his Infocom Executor to version 7. Changelog includes:

  • Added support for Infocom v7 Adventures (v7).
  • Added support for accented characters (v7).
  • Added support for Infocom v1 and v2 adventures (v6).
  • Lots of bug fixes and under the hood improvements.

Full list of credits, features and issues as well as the source and compiled code are in the Gitlab page: https://gitlab.com/sijnstra1/m4zvm.

TRS80-Tool Cassette Utility Updated to v2.3.0

Lawrence Kesteloot has updated his amazing TRS-80 Tool cassette utility to v2.3.0. This utility is fast becoming a replacement for all other cassette utilities. Recent changes added the following:

  • HEXDUMP command to displays a hex dump of the input file, with annotations.
  • DISASM command to disassemble CMD, 3BN, ROM, and BIN files (entry point can be configured).
  • –verbose flag to info command to display floppy geometry
  • SECTORS command to display a table of the sectors in a floppy disk (contents can be viewed as well).
  • Support for SCP SuperCard Pro raw flux floppy format.
  • ASM command to assemble a program into CMD, 3BN, CAS, or WAV files (baud rate for CAS and WAV can be configured)
  • RUN command to run a Model I/III/4, Level 1 or Level II Emulator.
  • Support for TRSDOS for Model I and 4, and for LDOS.

The standalone can be found on https://github.com/lkesteloot/trs80/tree/master/packages/trs80-tool. v2.3.0 can be downloaded there or, for windows, right here.

December 2021 Issue of TRS8Bit Released

Dusty has released the March 2021 issue of the TRS8Bit newsletter. Here’s what he had to say:

This edition, with over 90 pages, has articles by Matt Boytim, replacing M1 ROMs with a single 27256 EPROM. Lawrence Kesteloot has upgrades to his TRSTOOL program. Juergen Buessert also upgrades the M1 ROMs with a 27C256 EPROM. E.T. Fonehume has another BASIC one-liner dice game. Harold Finch, again, try to ‘stretch your mind’. Patrick Bureau installs the Alpha Technology 5 MHz M4 speed-up upgrade. Egoitz Campo reports on the latest TRS-80 games tournament in Spain. The ‘Trashtalkers’ announce the winner of the 2021 competition.

Ian Mavric performs a ‘quick weekend restoration’ on a M4 and also shows a ‘once and for all’ fix for some M3 & M4 systems. Tim Mann explains the geometry of a hard drive. Pascal Holdry has some exciting new from France. There is a short report of the Github ‘Universe 2021’. And finally, there’s various reviews, and news from all things Tandy which are either ‘from the day’ or currently being advertised or promoted.

Also, to celebrate the start of our 16th year, the 2022 edition of one-line BASIC programs is also available.

It can be downloaded from his web site.

Compactor IV

Pascal Holdry has reverse engineered the Compactor IV card for the Model III. The Compactor IV permits 80×24 video and CP/M usage.

You can get more information about that here. The site is in French, but there is a translate pulldown box on the right.