May 23, 2024 – Robert Kilgus Interview Parts 3 and 4

L Curtis Boyle let me know that Canadian Retro Things posted two more parts of his interview with Robert Kilgus.

Part 3 covers the main part of his career with the Coco from 1979-1984, including selected as one of the few to get the earliest prototypes of the TRS-80 Color Computer, the cross development system he used for the earliest Coco programs, and developing his Coco specific programs and games. You can watch that here

Part 4 (the final part) finishes covering the Coco (including the unreleased OS-9 Scripsit from 1984) and his final home computer (multi-platform) project – and what went wrong there. And a bit of what he is following these days. You can watch that here

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