March 24, 2023 – XROM Disassembled

Frank Durda IV had developed a ROM C which he proposed to have Tandy issue as an update. It added functionality and fixed some bugs. That ROM was not released.

When Frank left Tandy and started M.A.D. sofware, he offered a ROM C replacement for U.S. Model 4’s, called the XROM. Model 4 NGA systems would use this ROM. Other Model 4 systems could use an expanded version called the XDROM, which had some diagnostic code added as well.

A detailed disassembly of that ROM is now available on this sites’ Model 4 ROM Explained- XDROM page.

March 18, 2023 – NEWPRINT/Multi for TRS-80

The NEWPRINT/Multi is now available for purchase from Plaid Vest Software. It is a Virtual Wi-Fi printer with web-browser output for all TRS-80 models. Features Include:

  • NEWPRINT/Multi is a Wi-Fi-enabled “virtual” printer adapter that connects to your computer’s printer port and your local Wi-Fi network to send printer output to any device that supports a modern browser (iPad, Desktop PC, Mac, etc.).
  • The NEWPRINT web interface can show printer output as plain text, hexadecimal values, Print Shop graphics (Apple II), or Apple IIgs GS/OS graphics printing.
  • Text mode output does not (currently) understand special printer control codes used by most word processors (BOLD, multiple font sizes, Form Feed, etc.).
  • The NEWPRINT web interface is available from any browser on your local Wi-Fi network at newprint.local
  • NEWPRINT uses the standard HTML WebSocket API so you can even write your own web-based or desktop interface for displaying and processing NEWPRINT output.
  • Note: A power adapter (+5v DC) and printed User’s Manual are not included to keep prices low. See the PDF User’s Manual below for more information.

Visit for more details and for ordering.

March 18, 2023 – NEWKEY/80 “Ultra” for Model III/4

The NEWKEY/80 “Ultra” is now available for purchase from Plaid Vest Software. It is a USB keyboard and joystick adapter for the TRS-80 Model III/4. Features include:

  • Compatible with most standard USB keyboards
  • Also works with wireless 2.4Ghz USB keyboards (Note: Wireless keyboards need to be the “no drivers required” 2.4Ghz type)
  • Atari compatible 9-pin joystick port. (Note: A common 9-pin D-Sub or Atari joystick extension cable (not included) can be used in a similar fashion to route the joystick connector outside of the TRS-80 case)
  • Compact size. Mounts inside TRS80 case. (Note: Requires +5v and ground connections, a 4-pin Molex Disk Drive power splitter cable, and a plain 2-wire power connector; all of which are included)
  • Can work simultaneously with existing keyboard
  • Fast and accurate key response without keybounce or ghost characters
  • Native TRS-80 key repeat
  • Handles special keys independently (arrows, space, control, break, shift, @) for excellent compatibility
  • Works great with games and applications
  • Supports TRS80 control and multi-key sequences
  • Easily upgradable firmware to allow for enhancements and bug fixes

Visit for more details and for ordering.