May 17, 2024 – Robert Kilgus OK’s Downloads

L Curtis Boyle let me know that Canadian Retro Things posted a two part interview with Robert Kilgus. They write:

While at the 32nd Annual ‘Last’ Chicago CoCoFest I took a little side trip with L Curtis Boyle. We visited Robert Kilgus, a name you may recognize from a number of TRS-80 Model 1 and CoCo programs. We sat down with Robert, here is part one of the interview covering his early days, before doing anything for Tandy.

You can watch Part 1, entitled “The Early Years” here and Part 2, entitled “The TRS 80 Model 1 Years”, here.

While they were it, they secured permission from Robert to post his sofware and books, so you can download his book, Inside Microfiles, right here and all of Robert’s files have now been made downloadable via the Software Seach Page.

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