April 25, 2024 – TRS80GP Updated to v2.5.3

George and Peter Phillips have updated their awesome TRS80GP emulator to v2.5.3. Changes are:

New Features:

  • Model I/III/4 now accept .wav files as cassette input.
  • Add -pp/-ppx options to control printer window pop-up.
  • Model I RS-232 sense switches (thanks to Tuc for hardware tests).
  • Add loopback device to RS-232 choices (-r :loop on command line)
  • Add -rx option to disable RS-232 on Model I,2,III,4,12,16.
  • Semigraphics 6 modes will display alternate palette (Electric Crayon, MC-10, CoCo).
  • Add “-im disksummary” and disksummary on drive exports to output a summary of drive structure just like the Disk Viewer window.

Bug Fixes:

  • $37EA and $37EB are now memory mapped printer port alises on Model I.
  • Model I/III/4 RS-232 receive bug fixed.
  • CoCo BASIC ROM 1.0 printer output fixed.
  • Text pasting works for CoCo 1.0 and 1.1 ROMs.
  • Printer auto-turbo works for all models now.
  • Model 4 software keyboard no longer missing ‘+’ character on keycap.
  • trs80gp -m1 -dx no longer loads lower case driver by default; use -lld to do so.

You can download it at George’s web site or by clicking here.

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