April 10, 2024 – SDLTRS2 Updated to v1.2.29

Thanks to eagle eyed David S, I am told that Jens Guenther has updated his Windows/Linux fork of the SDLTRS Emulator to v1.2.29


  • Added 1024 KB memory support for TCS Genie IIIs.
  • Added 512 KB memory support for TRS-80 Model I Selector.
  • Added 2nd printer MMIO for TRS-80 Model III/4/4P.
  • Added more shortcuts for command line options.
  • Added SDL2 aspect ratio option in GUI.
  • Added debugger command to change Z80 HALT action.
  • Fixed TRS-80 Model 4 MMIO in map 0.
  • Fixed redraw of HRG1B screen.
  • Fixed IMPORT.COM utility for CP/M 3.0.
  • Fixed debugger alternate register set assignment by Nick Andrew.

You check it all out at https://gitlab.com/jengun/sdltrs/-/releases.

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