DOSKEY for the Model 4

Michael McCarrick has developed a DOSKEY program for the Model 4. For those who do not know, DOSKEY was a program for MSDOS which would store all of your command lines, and allow you to recall them with the up and down arrow.

DOSKEY for the Model 4 can be installed as a Extended Command Interpreter by copying it over sys13/sys. You would then use *+ENTER to use it.

Source and instructions are included. You can download it from the Search Page.

M4ZVM Infocom Executor Updated to v4

Shawn Sijnstra has updated his Infocom z3, z4, z5, and z8 executor to version 4. Changelog:

  • Further speed improvements to core VM (various routines).
  • Fixed an issue with screen coordinate conversion (fixed getpos routine, impacted punyinform).
  • Ensured upper window now clips text on all rows.
  • Bugfix: Erase_window (-2) fixed to also erase upper window.
  • Bugfix: Timer code calculation error.
  • Changed timer to be 0.1 second. May be a bit ambitious on 4MHz CPU.
  • Bugfix: correctly reports a fail when switching to font 2 or 3 – fixes samegame.z5 (for example).
  • Change: Set interpreter to be DEC to allow option to play BeyondZork in either mode.

Full list of credits, features and issues as well as the source and compiled code are in the Gitlab page:

TRS-80 Trash Talk #40 is Out

Episode # 40 of the podcast TRS-80 Trash Talk is out now.

“In this episode we explain where we’ve been for the last 10 months since the last episode. We then go ahead and discuss the usual news and current events in the world of the TRS-80. We review Tandy Assembly 2021 and welcome George Phillips as a full-time Trash Talker. Then, we discuss a bunch of recent acquisitions. We also review the book “TRS-80 Color Computer Interfacing” and present some new calls for projects.”

You can download or listen at

M4ZVM Infocom Executor Updated to v3.0

Shawn Sijnstra has updated his Infocom z3, z4, z5, and z8 executor to version 3.0. Changelog:

  • Bugfix – [more] scroll counter accuracy improved
  • Bugfix – Cosmetic fix on status bar/upper window (found on PunyInform games)
  • Improvement – Improved the resolution of timed input from 1.0s down to 0.2s this improves zsnake.z5 and bomber.z5
  • Improvement – Streamlining some of the core VM code to use word fetches instead of byte
  • Bugfix – Fix scan_table routine to check for zero length scan_table
  • Bugfix – Fixed rare condition found in PunyInform game Djinn on the Rocks
  • Improvement – Improved memory banking algorith to always use as much as available this means games over 320k in size on a 384k machine will always use as much memory as available.
  • Improvement – Remapped arrow keys to ZSCII arrow keys for single key read. This means there is no delete now for single character input.

Full list of credits, features and issues as well as the source and compiled code are in the Gitlab page:

October 21, 2021 – CW2DMK Updated to v4.7.1

Quentin was kind enough to update CW2DMK to deal with a problem I had with a recent set of disks. Updates are:

  • Add feature to “-x” option to allow per-track retry counts. (e.g. “-x 40,0:4-12” sets retries for all tracks to 40 except disable retries for tracks 4 through 12.) See cw2dmk man page for further information.
  • Correct off-by-one problem with retry counts.

You can download v4.71 including source from Github.

Site Updates

A couple of site updates:

  • The String Packing / USR() Routines page (formerly called “Machine Language Examples” which was a really bad name for it) has been updated with more information as to how to do graphics string packing.
  • The Magazine Search Page has been updated to search all descriptive information for a keyword instead of making you search title, description, and subtitle separately. A search in that field is now also case insensitive. Makes the searching a lot more useful.
  • The Software Search Page has been updated to now show media pictures, manual covers, and the like for software which is missing from the archive, if available.