Supporting the Site

Donations help support this site in a number of ways. First, they offset the monthly hosting fees which must be paid. Additionally, donations allow me to go out and purchase new software and other contents for the site.
Option 1 – For U.S. Currency held as a Cash Balance:
If you are using U.S. currency from an existing cash balance (not a credit card, debit card, etc), please paypal to or click the DONATE link.
BUT BEFORE YOU DO … on the first screen of SEND MONEY there are two tabs. PURCHASE and PERSONAL. VERY IMPORTANT: Please choose from the PERSONAL tab, as shown on the below:


Option 2 – Non-U.S. Currency -or- Credit/Debit Card Donations:
Paypal from your debit card or credit card or non-U.S. based currency to click on this link.

(Paypal will keep 2.9% + $0.30, … So a $30 donation is actually $28.83).

Other Ways To Support The Site:
Send me your disks, cassettes, books and magazines, rather than listing them on eBay. This too will allow the site to grow.