New Issue of TRS8Bit

Dusty has released the September 2019 issue of the TRS8Bit newsletter on the download page of his web site.


Page 04
Simple tune
George sets out details of a ‘simple’, but very effective, sound routine (George Phillips)
Page 08
In Mav’s U.S. travels
Mav tells us what to expect at this years ta it’s still not too late to book!
Page 12
Push button technology
An unusual car boot find which i thought might interest some of you Tandy fans.
Page 14
Newdos v2.0 86/90
A further update on this upgrade (rainer)
Page 17
Just how many of these things are there?
Page 18
In Mav’s workshop
An ‘accelerator pedal’ for the Model 1. Mav introduces the ‘new-Sprinter-II’ board the big zero! (Ian Mavric)
Page 27
The big zero!
Testing your reaction time with this rather sneaky, original one-liner (E.T. Fonehume)
Page 30
U.K. eBay bargain over the last 3 months.
Did you manage to get your hands on one?
Page 33
The way we were
A look-back in time to see what was making some of the news ‘in the day’
Page 39
Trials & tribulations with wafers
But still loving it!!
Page 45
Stretch your mind
Just something a bit different to make you smile (Harold Finch).
Page 46
News from Ira at
Page 47
News from Pascal & colleagues in Europe
Chroma-Basic (Pascal Holdry, Mike Friedman, Ian Mavric, Ira Goldklang, Eric Dittman and Hans Rietveld).
Page 55
In Mav’s workshop
Mav gives us the low-down on the Norcom TC-III (Ian Mavric).
Page 64
Parsing Level 1 BASIC
Kyle Wadsten.
Page 66
For sale & wanted

CLAIMED – CoCo I Free for Local Pickup in Frederick Maryland

Update: Claimed
A site visitor is giving away his original Radio Shack Color Computer with a few accessories, free for local pickup in Frederick Maryland. He says:

The Color Computer boxes are in ratty condition – that is they look to have gotten wet either before, or after, the rats and squirrels started chewing. The good news is I must have been very thoughtful when I put every thing back in the original packaging since the equipment all looks good to me (see pictures).
Here are pictures showing (and including some idea of the packaging as everything goes into its own box):
– back of the Color Computer with serial number (possibly meaningful in determining when it was manufactured)
– front of the Color Computer
– Color Computer Disk Drive with all the parts
– Color Computer Multi-Pak Interface
– Color Computer Graphics Tablet (X-Pad) – notice the condition of the box – yet the Tablet is totally clean
– Color Computer Dot Matrix Printer (DMP-100)

I will relay messages sent to me in the order received – email to contest at trs-80 dot com. First come first served.

Site Updates

I don’t usually post site updates, I just make them. I know I should be keeping better tabs on it 🙁

Anyway, here are a bunch of site updates that have occurred over the past however long:

  • The ROMS page has a breakdown of what changed from v1.2 to v1.3 of the Model I ROM.
  • I continue to scour old magazines for ads for software which was advertised, and adding them as “MISSING” to the archive.
  • Every result from the search page should have a screenshot (or a note that none was available, no printer output, etc)
  • Since people, apparently, LOVED to remove author credits from these programs (or putting their own names on them), I am using those screenshots to determine whether “Author Unknown” programs are actually known.
  • Every time someone emails me a hardware question (which I send to Ian Mavric, thanks Ian), I update the repairs page with their question and his answer.
  • I keep adding boxes to help fine tune archive searches. This is mainly because the search page is how I find things too, so if I am trying to find all software without a screenshot, for example, I can do that.
  • As people point out pages which do not render correctly (because they are pre-HTML5), I fix them.
  • Added a /SYS guide for TRSDOS v1.3 on the DOS Tips and Tricks page.
  • Caught up on all the unsorted images and put solid effort into figuring out if they were good files or bad files, or needed 3rd party software.
  • Fixed the bug that was keeping the ads from coming up on the archive searches, at least for me. It seemed anything being served from a directory called /ads/, or had a filename called ad-xxxxx, got blocked!

New TRS-80 Trash Talk Podcast

The podcast TRS-80 Trash Talk # 32 is out now.

In this episode they start by previewing the upcoming Tandy Assembly 2019. They have a lot of big news to relate regarding the 3rd annual gathering of Tandy Radio Shack computing enthusiasts in Springfield, Ohio. They also discuss a new document archiving project of original Radio Shack Customer Service Bulletins. There’s the usual segments on new projects, new acquisitions, listener feedback and the book review. They then try to decide what do you do with a wall of Model I Video Displays. Finally, in their interview segment, Pete Cetinski talks to Tandy Radio Shack marketing executive Buzz Murphy. Buzz relates his experience at the company while riding the incredible wave that was created by the original TRS-80 microcomputer release in 1977.

You can download or listen at

Model I Free for Local Pickup in Los Angeles, California

A site visitor has the following TRS-80 Model I hardware and other stuff to give away free for local pickup in Mar Vista/Los Angeles, California

•  TRS-80 Model I, lowercase kit, 16k
•  Original power supply
•  Monitor (not powering on)
•  Home-made Expansion Interface with 32k memory, printer port, disk controllers with power supply
•  1 half-height double-density 5.25″ diskette drive
•  Home-made power supply for diskette drive
•  NEWDOS 80 v.II diskette
•  NEWDOS 80 photocopied manual
•  Photocopied Z-80 MASM manual
•  Photocopied Rmon manual
•  “TRS-80 micro computer technical reference handbook” Radio Shack catalog number 26-2103, with the Model I circuit diagrams and explanations.
•  “TRS-80 ROM Routines Documented” by Jack Decker, from The Alternate Source.

I will relay messages sent to me in the order received – email to contest at trs-80 dot com. First come first served.

Anyone have a CHROMATRS

UPDATE: The creator of the CHROMATRS has been working with Pascal.

Pascal Holdry is still working closely with the creator of the ChromaTRS reverse engineer the ChromaTRS, but there are still some questions about the circuit board that remain unanswered.

If anyone has a ChromaTRS would you please reach out. I think even just a high res photo of both sides of the board might do the trick in identifying some missing components.


New Downloads Available

Brandt J Fine, author of Skyscraper and Gobbler, has graciously given permission to his files available for download, so if you search for Brandt J Fine, the files he ok’d should be live.

Similarly, Bill Prady has also graciously given permission to make his files available for download, so if you search for Bill Prady, the files he ok’d should be live.