Anyone want to key in catalog numbers and prices?

So far I have gotten RSC-03, RSC-04, RSC-05, and RSC-07 entered into the catalog search page. If anyone is in the mood to help, I would send you a PDF of a catalog, and would ask for an ASCII file in the format of ‘catalog number, price, page number’ for each item.

By putting this additional information into the catalog search page, you can see when products were added, when products were removed, and the prices in between.

if you are willing to help, please let me know.

January 8, 2019 – Site News

Site Updates since the last …

  • Figured out how to make the product entries far less ugly under the various Model pages, so will be updating those as time allows.
  • Added Mark Blair’s Model 4 ROM EPROM Adapter Board to the Hardware Modifications and Fixes page.
  • At the request of Pascal Holdry, added the ability to translate pages to other languages (top of the right navbar). Pascal’s thought is that it is about 80% accurate, but the other 20% is easy enough to figure out.
  • Updated the Catalog Search Page to support Catalog ID (such as “RSC-03”) and Price (in that catalog; so it will change catalog to catalog). Now I need to go through the process of reviewing each catalog to enter that info. Right now only RSC-03 and RSC-04 have been entered. Possible uses include seeing when a product was first listed, when it was no longer listed, and what the prices were at each iteration.

    Anyone who wants to help enter the data from catalogs, please let me know.

New TRS-80 Trash Talk Podcast (Episode 34)

The podcast TRS-80 Trash Talk # 34 is out now.

“In this episode we cover some news, like the release of TRS-Box with TCP/IP support, the newest TRS8BIT newsletter and serial mouse support for the Model 4. Then we discuss a bunch of new acquisitions, including a MTI Mod III Plus hot rodded Model III and a Rochester Data Dynatyper. Finally, in the main segment, Pete interviews Dennis Báthory-Kitsz, the author of the fantastic “The Custom TRS-80″ book and all-around renaissance man.”

You can download or listen at

Site Updates

Site Updates since the last …

  • Added a Fun Stuff web page, with cute things that are probably only found on the news page when they first came out.
  • Changed the Software Archive Search to remove language and catalog columns if they are all English or blank, respectively – reallocating the space to other columns.
  • Converted the Catalog Search page to CSS3, notedly after realizing that it contained the line <script language="JavaScript1.2" src="">
  • Converted the Magazine Search page to CSS3. That’s it. Everything has been converted.
  • Fixed so … many … bugs in the Magazine Search page. YIKES.
  • Added CODEWORKS Magazine to the Magazine Search Page database.
  • Fixed all broken links that reported. It doesn’t check files or images, so there may be some magazine covers which are broken.
  • has let me know that images that come up as a result of clicking on a catalog number need to be updated. That will take me some time.
  • Although 2017 is not old, the way WordPress stores news items leads to excessive page counts, and those page counts make generating a sitemap impossible. So I have moved the 2017 news to its own page. It wasn’t enough to get the site fully covered, but at least it pulled 41 pages off.
  • Added entries in the Hardware Mods page for the following articles I found on (note: you will need google translate)

December 2019 Issue of TRS8Bit

Dusty has released the December 2019 issue of the TRS8Bit newsletter on the download page of his web site.


Page 1
Travelling Mav
Ian Goes Through The TA 2019 Events For Us, Who Were Unlucky Enough Not To Be Able To Attend (Ian Mavric)
Page 16
The Retro Search
Kevin Updates Us With The Improvements He Has Made Over The Recent Months. (Kevin Parker)
Page 17
Kennett classic
Bill & Karen Announce Their New Project (Bill Degnan & Karen Doneker)
Page 20
Tesla Cybertruck
George Phillips
Page 23
Stretch Your Mind
Another Puzzle From Harold (Harold Finch)
Page 26
Roll ’em
A Nice Little Idea, From The Day Given A 21st Century One-liner Twist (E.t. Fonehune)
Page 28
In Mav’s Workshop
Ian Looks At Some Recently Released Games For The TRS-80 Range And Announces A Competition For 2020Page 36 (Ian Mavric)
Page 37
Tandy Bargains On
Look As Some Of Recent Ebay Bargains
Page 39
News From Ira At
Page 41
Lotech Hard Drive For LDOS & LS-DOS For The Models I, III & 4
Page 49
The Way We Were
Just A Look At Some Newsy Item From The Day
Page 62
Pete Has More Information Of The M2 Arcnet Setup He Had Running At This Years T.A. (Peter Cetinski)
Page 64
Have You Ever Come Across This Language? Is There A Version Available For The Trs-80 Range? Please, Let Us Know
Page 67
In Mav’s Workshop
Revisiting The CN80 Model 4 Mouse Project – Part 1. (Ian Mavric)

TRLD – File Format Converter+

I am way late to the game on this one. George Philips has written and released a Windows executable file call TRLD which will convert between cas, hex, bas, and cmd.

According to his website:

trld reads one or more TRS-80 programs in .cmd, .cas, .hex or .bas format and saves them as a single .rom, .cmd, .cas or .hex file. As input it supports 250, 500 and 1500 baud .cas cassette image files as well as tokenized and ASCII .bas BASIC program files. Output can be in .cmd, .cas, .hex or .wav (audio file) format.

A precompiled binary for Windows is included along with the source code which can easily be compiled on Mac and Linux systesm. These program loading routines are the same ones used in my TRS-80 Model I/III/4 emulator.

trld is a command-line tool. It takes a list of files. The last one is the output file, the rest are loaded in sequence and combined together to form the output. The format of the input files is determined automatically. The output format is chosen depending on the file suffix. For example, to convert a cassette file to a .cmd (disk executable format) you would type:

trld original.cas original.cmd

With multiple input files the program start address is taken from the last file. For “.cas” output the name of the SYSTEM file is based on the first 6 letters of the output file name. With

trld file.cmd ..\converted\out.cas

The “..\converted\out.cas” file will be called “OUT” and that’s the name you must pass to the SYSTEM command. If you’re using Play CAS, it tells you the tape file’s name.

The utility can be downloaded from George’s website or on the TRS-80 Miscellaneous Utilities page.