January 23, 2024 – TRSTools / TRSRead

I have stumbled upon another disk format which TRSTools does not properly handle. I have tried to go through my old emails to find all the old reports, but many of them just sent disk images of which I no longer have records.

So … to those who use TRSTools and TRSREAD, please tread carefully on the following DOS image types:

  • MultiDOS double sided disks. TRSTools/TRSREAD will sometimes insert the side 2 data in the middle of side 1 files. I confirmed this by batch reading each disk double sided and then again as single sided, extracting the files, and comparing them. VDISK (by Miguel Dutra) extraction resulted in 100% identical crc’s between those sets. TRSREAD had multiple differences, where the Double Sided disk read was corrupt.
  • TRSDOS v2.3b disks.
  • DosPlus 3.4A for the Model III.
  • NEWDOS/80 images with damage on Track 1.
  • TRSDOS v2.77D, particularly deleting files, as they may corrupt the image.
  • TRSDOS 1.3 disks with extra data in a reserved area of the directory.

Right now, I have a slew of MultiDOS double sided disks (and CP/M double sided disks) where side 2 is inaccessible. The CP/M disks are entirely unusable; and that may be because they were made on a Model III with a Shuffleboard or because no tool exists to identify the geometry needed to mount them. The MultiDOS disks read (on a catweasel) as double-sided disks, but only Side 1 shows up in an emulator, and side 2 cannot be separately read as its own image.

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