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TRS-80 Emulators

by @ 11:21 am on May 3, 2012.
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Since older emulators are unlikely to run on current operating systems, all emulators 2005 and older have been moved to the bottom of the page.

If you are new to TRS-80 emulation I have an (older) guide to basic Emulator use. Visit this page for DOS/Windows and this page for Linux.

Model I/III/4
(First Timers Should Start HERE)

Model   Platform   Description   Version   Date   Author Site  
Model I/III/4  Windows  TRS32 1.27 April 2, 2012 Matthew Reed Site

  • Is a native Windows application (features such as sound and joystick support will work on all hardware, and you can run the emulator concurrently with other Windows applications without any adverse effects)
  • Emulates the Model I (Levels I and II), Model III (Levels I and II), Model 4, and Model 4P with a variety of hardware add-ons, including doublers, graphics boards, joysticks, and additional memory
  • Provides complete and “cycle accurate” hardware-level emulation (even protected disks work without problems)
  • Includes optional realistic TRS-80 disk drive sound
  • Supports all popular virtual disk (.DSK) formats
  • Includes support for the rare Level I Model III [Added in v1.19]
  • Includes emulation of the Exatron Stringy Floppy [Added in v1.20]
  • Includes cut/paste of TRS-80 screen contents [Added in v1.21]
  • Supports true Model 4P Mode [Added in v1.23]
  • Hovering the mouse cursor over the floppy drive indicator light in the status bar will display the current drive status and position [Added in v1.25]

Unregistered Shareware Version:

  • Works under all current versions of Windows
  • Full Windows application – no low-level hardware conflicts!
  • Model I, Model III, and Model 4 emulation
  • Four floppy disk drives (with optional realistic disk drive sound)
  • Cassette tape drive with graphical on-screen controls
  • Printer support
  • Serial port for RS-232 communications
  • Joystick support (using a Windows joystick – TRISSTICK and Alpha Products joysticks are emulated)

Registered Version:

  • All features included in the shareware version
  • High resolution graphics (Radio Shack and MicroLabs)
  • Up to 1 megabyte of additional memory in Model 4 mode
  • Hard disk support
  • Orchestra 85/90 music generation
  • Built-in emulation of an Epson FX-80 dot matrix printer (including graphics and control codes)

I strongly recommend you register this emulator.

Model   Platform   Description   Version   Date   Author Site  
Model I/III/4  UNIX XTRS 4.9d June 15, 2009  Tim Mann Site
  • Download the ZIP Version.
  • Download the TAR Version.
xtrs is a Radio Shack TRS-80 Model I/III/4/4P emulator for Unix and the X Window System. It includes lower case, the real time clock, hi-res graphics, serial port, parallel printer, mouse, cassette, sound and music output (requires OSS), 5″ and 8″ floppy disk drives in single and double density, and even hard disk drives. The emulated floppy and hard disk file formats are compatible with the popular MSDOS-based emulators by Jeff Vavasour and Matthew Reed, and (if you choose a capable enough file format), all features of the original TRS-80 floppy disk controller are emulated. Under Linux, physical floppy disk drives are also supported. Physical cassettes can be read and written too. For those interested, the Change Log is found here
Model   Platform   Description   Version   Date   Author Site  
Model I/III/4  MAC or
Windows or
SDLTRS 1.1.0 Feb 16, 2010  Mark Grebe Site
SDLTRS builds on XTRS and adds Windows and Mac OS X support, Fullscreen display, Text based GUI on Windows and Linux, and in Fullscreen mode on the Macintosh, Configuration files, Disk LED Indicators on screen, Creation of Disk images inside of the program, Saving and loading of disk sets, Saving and loading of emualtor state, Copy and Paste of text to/from host and emulator, and USB Joystick support.
Emulator Features:

  • Windows and Mac OS X support.
  • Fullscreen display
  • Text based GUI on Windows and Linux, and in Fullscreen mode on the Macintosh.
  • Configuration files.
  • Disk LED Indicators on screen.
  • Creation of Disk images inside of the program.
  • Saving and loading of disk sets.
  • Saving and loading of emualtor state.
  • Copy and Paste of text to/from host and emulator.
  • USB Joystick support.
  • Graphical interface, include Media management with graphical representation of the disk drives and cassette [MAC Only]
  • Printer emulation of Epson FX-80 and CGP-115 Plotter/Printer, with output to PDF files. [MAC Only]
  • Debugger in separate program window. [MAC Only]
  • TRS-80 Model I, III, and 4/4p emulation.
  • Emulated cassette drive
  • Emulated 5″ and 8″ floppy disk drives.
  • Emulated Hard Drives.
  • Data Import and Export from Host
  • Sound emulation
  • Mouse emulation
  • Joystick emulation
  • Printer emulation.
  • Debugger.
  • Model   Platform   Description   Version   Date   Author Site  
    Model I/III/4  Windows TRS80GP

    1.8 July, 2011 George Phillips Site
    Built primarily as a development tool for software written for real TRS-80’s and for experiments in improved emulation fidelity, it can load programs in .cas, .hex, .bas or .cmd format directly from a command line but has no disk emulation nor can use use CLOAD or SYSTEM to load .cas files. No separate ROM is required.
    Model   Platform   Description   Version   Date   Author Site  
    Model I/III/4  DOS Multi Emulator Super System

    1.43 July, 2011  MESS Development Team Site
    Model   Platform   Description   Version   Date   Author Site  
    Model III  Java TRSEMU 1.4 March 31, 2012 Peter Phillips Site
    Model   Platform   Description   Version   Date   Author Site  
    Level I  WWW Level I Simulator N/A N/A Jeff Vavasour Site
    Model   Platform   Description   Version   Date   Author Site  
    Model III  .NET Model III Emulator 1.0.1 Apr. 10, 2007 Matt Hamilton
    Some features include:

    • Emulates a Model III Disk system with 48K ram
    • Emulates a floppy disk controller and works with DMK, JV3, and JV1 disks
    • Z-80 emulation includes most undocumented instructions and behavior
    • Advanced view includes real-time disassembly and step, step over, and step out commands
    • Cassette port sound is emulated
    • Built-in assembler
    • Utility to convert CMD file to floppy DMK file based on TRSDOS 1.3
    • Will run over 40Mhz (if throttling turned off) on a modern PC
    • Fully object oriented all .net (c#) code
    • Requires .NET

    Color Computer and MC-10
    Platform   Description   Version   Date   Author Site  
    Various 0.29 April 21, 2013 Email Site
    Platform   Description   Version   Date   Author Site  
    Windows ‘9x MC-10 Emulator 0.73c May, 2008 Emucompboy Home Page
    Platform   Description   Version   Date   Author Site  
    Windows 98/Direct X 1.42 August 13, 2010 Joseph Forgione Site
    Platform   Description   Version   Date   Author Site  
    Windows ‘9x MC-10 Emulator 0.73c May, 2008 Emucompboy Home Page

    Model 100
    Platform   Description   Version   Date   Author Site  
    Windows or 
    OSX or Linux
    Virtual T v1.5 July 9, 2011 Stephen James Hurd and Ken Pettit Home Page

    Platform   Description   Version   Date   Author Site  
    Windows  HT 1080/Z / System 80 v1.6.4 July 2011 Attila Grósz Site
  • Download Windows 32 Version
  • Download Windows 64 Version
    Emulator Features:

  • Full and cycle exact Z80 CPU core
  • Support for the VideoGenie-1/System-80, all 3 series of HT1080Z computers and the TRS80 Model I Level 2
  • Support for 16 and 64 kb memory setups
  • NMI interrupt (RESET)
  • Video Cut (32 columns mode) and Page buttons
  • 3 channel YM2149 sound chip emulation along with the noise and envelope generators
  • TRS-80 compatible tape sound
  • Full keyboard emulation
  • Direct loading of the disk based CMD format files
  • Read/write support for the CAS tape format
  • WAV format support for tape output
  • Simple printer support
  • Lowe LE15 High Resolution Graphic Adapter emulation
  • Platform   Description   Version   Date   Author Site  
    Windows  FastZ80 [HT 1080/Z Emulator] v1.02 July 18, 2008 Kintli Lajos Site
    Emulator Features:

  • Very fast and accurate Z80 engine
  • Z80 undocumented instructions/flag bits are implemented
  • RESET and NMI support
  • Four running speeds including ‘full’ for maximum performance
  • 64*16 character video display (including 128*48 pixel graphics)
  • Video cut / page with optional 200% magnifier
  • 8*8 memory mapped ‘wired or’ keyboard matrix
  • TRS-80 like ‘tape output’ sound is supported
  • General Instruments AY-3-8910 (Yamaha YM2149) sound chip is emulated
  • Tape emulation through CAS files for basic language and system programs
  • Direct load of TRS80 CMD & CAS & Intel Hex files
  • ROM extension is included (use SYSTEM and /12288 for activating)
  • ROM includes simple monitor (use SYSTEM and /12710)
  • Content of ROM can be loaded from binary file
  • Character generator ROM can be loaded from bitmap file
  • Keyboard mapping can be loaded from a text file
  • Default settings including ROMs can be patched into the EXE file
  • Built in port controlled timer/event counter
  • Small sized single EXE program, no external files are needed
  • Running on standard WIN32 environment (Windows 95 and up)
  • Platform   Description   Version   Date   Author Site  
    Windows  HT 1080/Z (Real Pro) v2.5.5 March 8, 2008 Zoltán Kollár Documentation
    Emulator Features:

  • 1.774 MHz CPU clock, precise Z80 cycles times, all Z80 op codes including the non defined ones and XF/YF flags.
  • Z80 Reset, NMI, INT lines.
  • All three HT-1080Z series ROMs and character generators included with selectable 16/48K memory.
  • Full HT keyboard with CUT and PAGE keys, Pause mode.
  • Tape recorder, printer, four 5 1/4″ SS SD floppy disk, internal clock
  • Yamaha YM2149 sound chip (originally supported only in HT series)
  • Micolor 01 (Hungarian expansion board) and Lowe Electronics LE18 graphic board.
  • Built-in debugger
  • Audio: 8 bits, Mono, 22050Hz
  • Screen snapshot into BMP or JPEG file.
  • Turbo mode, 2x or Full (20x).
  • Program autostart, text file input as keyboard
  • Predefined and custom “skins”
  • Favorites
  • Memory snapshot to CAS file
  • Emulates Micolor 01, 256×256 color expansion board.
  • Emulates Lowe Electronics LE18, 384×192 B/W expansion board.

  • Emulators From 2005 And Older (Reverse Date Order)
    Computer   Platform   Description   Version   Date   Author Site  
    HT 1080/Z   Windows  HT 1080/Z Real 1.2g September 30, 2005 Zoltán Kollár Documentation

    Model I/III   DOS Model I/III Emulator 1.10 May 6, 2004  Matthew Reed Site
    This emulator can map your PC drive as a real TRS-80 boot drive and can aid in transferring data from a TRS-80 Disk to an IBM!

    Model 4   DOS Model IV Emulator 1.01b May 5, 2004 Matthew Reed Site
    • The unregistered shareware version emulates a 64K Model 4 with four double-sided, 80-track floppy drives and a parallel printer port. All Model 4 sound can be routed through either the PC speaker or a Sound Blaster compatible sound card, and several international keyboard layouts are available.
    • The registered version adds support for Model III mode, the 128K memory upgrade, a virtual hard drive, a hardware clock, RS-232 communications, high resolution graphics (Radio Shack and Micro-Labs), snapshots, a Model 4 mouse driver, and file transfer utilities.
    • In any event, the emulator will use LPTx: for the TRS-80 printer port, and COMx: for the RS-232 port.
    • I have personally used the registered version of this emulator. I put a real Model 4 disk in IBM Drive A: and set that as my emulator boot drive (:0). This emulator booted off of the physical Model 4 disk and performed flawlessly. To create a .DSK file image of that floppy all I had to do was mount my Model 4 disk as :0 (in A:), and a virtual disk as :1, and run BACKUP. That’s IT!!
    • Matthew includes a utility which will allow you to import and export from a Model III/4 .DSK file to DOS which supports wildcards.

    Model I   Amiga AMITRS80 1.0 January 1, 2003  Leslie Ayling  

    Model I   DOS Model I Emulator 3.02u-g
    September 7, 2002  Jeff Vavasour Site
  • Model I Emulator Rev. G
  • Model I Emulator Supplement for Registered Version
  • Model I Emulator v3.02u Source Code

  • Model I   DOS Level II BASIC Simulator 1.0 April 23, 2002 Anthony Wood Site

    Model I   Windows ‘9x Dave Keil’s Model I Emulator 6.21 January 11, 2002 N/A N/A
    David Keils 2002 emulators are no longer available. Those emulators had been packaged with the ROM’s, so going to Dave’s Site was the only way to download them. Dave’s site went down in July of 2011. His emulators were also incompatible with both Windows XP and with LCD monitors, due to Dave choosing to use direct screen writes, so there was honestly not much you could do with them anyway.

    CoCo III   Windows ‘9x CoCo III Emulator 1.6B November 6, 2001 Jeff Vavasour Site

    Model I   Windows  Model I Emulator in Screen Saver N/A May 29, 2001 Serge Lachance

    CoCo II   DOS CoCo II Emulator 1.6 January 15, 2001 Jeff Vavasour Site

    Model I/III/4   Windows ’95   WINTRS80 2.0 July 21, 2000 Wade Fincher

    Model I   Macintosh TRS-80 Emulator for Mac OS 1.6 July 11, 1999 Yves Lempereur Site

    Model 1000   DOS Tand-Em 0.55 Mar 18, 1999 Vincent Joguin Site

    Model III   DOS PC-Three N/A October 21, 1998 Michael J. Gingell – Hypersoft

    Model III   Atari ST 2nd Life N/A January 28, 1998 Sander Berents Site

    CoCo   DOS Dragon/CoCo Emulator 0.10 November 22, 1997 Paul Burgin Site

    CoCo   Amiga DREaM 1.02 July 16, 1997 Sean Siford

    CoCo   DOS PC-Dragon II N/A June 8, 1997 Paul Burgin

    Model I   DOS Model I Emulator N/A May 30, 1997 Mike Riley

    Model I   DOS Model I Emulator 0.1 December 9, 1996 Ron Fries Site

    Model I   DOS Model I Emulator 1.0 October 11, 1996 Paul Robson

    Model I   DOS Level 1 Emulator N/A February 4, 1995 Jeff Vavasour Site

    Model I   DOS Model III Simulator N/A October 25, 1994 George Phillips

    Model I   IBM
    Model I Emulator
    (Source Code Only)
    0.1 August 31, 1992 Benoit Gilon

    Model 4   DOS PC-Four 2.0 March 9, 1991 Michael J. Gingell – Hypersoft Write Up

    Model III   DOS Model III Emulator N/A January 12, 1991 Vincent Van Den Berghe

    Model 100   DOS Virtual Vinessa 1.10 September 1988 Kurt Dekker

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    1. Melfina Coen says:

      I had a TRS-80 Color computer 2. The TRS-80 models 3 and 4 with the built-in monitor would not do color or pixel graphics – SET instead of PSET – If you can get ahold of QBASIC, it will use most of the commands from the TRS-80.
      -Coffee Monster

    2. Brinn says:

      I’m now running Windows 7 64-bit. Are there any emulator’s for the TRS-80 Color Computer I that will work on that?

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