August 10, 2021 – Site Updates

  • While probably not of ANY use to people who come here on a regular basis, I realized that there was no “I want to emulate a TRS-80, what do I do” page, so I created one. It can be found here. If anyone spots any inaccuracies, or knows of other information a true newbie would need, PLEASE let me know.
  • I have been going through the pages trying to make them consistent. This has reduced the site size by 2MB so far. I am also slowly removing the <CODE> tags, as they don’t wrap and they overflow boundaries.

TRS80-TOOL by Lawrence Kesteloot Updated

Lawrence Kesteloot has updated his TRS-80 Cassette command line tool to v2.08.

It runs under NODEJ, Linux, macOS, and Windows. It can be downloaded from Lawrence’s site or locally from the The Virtual Tape Utilities page on this site.

The new version adds support for multi-file CAS files (such as CLOAD Magazine or Temple of Apshai) and will try to guess (and set, if you want) the starting address of a SYSTEM file.