Emulator Update: TRS80GP v2.4 Released

TRS80GP has been updated to v2.4. Changelog:

New and/or Improved Features:

  • Linux beta version.
  • Videotex terminal emulation (use -mv)
  • Electric Crayon emulator; -p :ec or choose Electric Crayon in Printer -> Connection
  • TCP/IP printer support with -p host:port (like -r option is for serial ports)
  • Command line breakpoints support range syntax. e.g., b 5200:6000.
  • Add various -ir command-line options to trigger audio and video recording.
  • Add -su command line option to turn off audio filtering.
  • FreHD directory settable to ease IMPORT2/EXPORT2 usage (command line and menu).

Bug Fixes:

  • Works on Windows XP again (removed a trivial dependency).
  • Fix crash due to format mis-identification when loading up certain .cas images.
  • Floppy disk doubler detection for Model I improved.
  • ENTER key works from “all pressed” location in logical mode.
  • Stop audio from popping when continuous tones played.
  • Stop crashing if screenshot or animated GIF save file dialog is cancelled.
  • DT-1 Setup -> Save Setup wasn’t saving the settings correctly.

Visit The TRS80GP Web Page for the download and information, or here for the emulator.

ROMID Has Been Updated

Dean Bear has been kind enough to update his ROM-ID Utility for the Model I, III, and 4 (Model 4 in Model III Mode) based on the checksums determined from the research. You can download that file fromt he TRS-80 Software Search Page by searching for Dean Bear in the Author box. The Model I/III and Model 4 copies are identical, and the 2013 file is the deprecated one. Thank you Dean!

For those up to checking their ROMs but who cannot get ROMID onto their system, you can find your ROM checksums using plain old TRSDOS 1.3’s MEMTEST on your Model III or 4.

Either way, if you have any of the following checksums, please Contact Me: 158C, 1591, 2764, 276A, 33CB, 38BC, 48AA, or 676A

TRS-80 Trash Talk #38 is Out

Episode # 38 of the podcast TRS-80 Trash Talk is out now.

“In this episode we’re joined by guest host Patrick Bureau from Texas Tandy Restorations. Patrick leads us through the controversial topic of whether or not to repaint your TRS-80. We also discuss lots of TRS-80 news and several interesting acquisitions, including a TRS-80 voice control device known as the Scott Instruments VET-2. Finally, in our interview segment, Pete interviews the well known TRS-80 hacker Tim Mann.”

You can download or listen at http://www.trs80trashtalk.com/.

Please Check Your ROMs

We are trying to track down different versions of the Model III and Model 4 ROM’s. If you are willing, can everyone please run MEMTEST (which is found on every Model III TRSDOS disk) and see if your “ROM C” matches any of these checksums:

  • Model III – Any of the following:
    • 158C (Likely only in the UK)
    • 1591
    • 2764
    • 676A
    • 276A
  • Model 4 – Any of the following:
    • 48AA (Likely only in the UK)
    • 33CB
    • 38BC

If you have any of these, please Contact Me.