April 17, 2019 – New TRS-80 Trash Talk Podcast

The podcast TRS-80 Trash Talk # 30 is out now.

In this episode, In this episode, Spring is in the air at Trash Talk headquarters, so we’ve been itchy to make quite a few acquisitions lately that we discuss, including a long weekend drive to Chicago. We also introduce a new TRS-80 search engine that should prove to be a highly valuable resource to the TRS-80 community. Then, we do some eBay shopping for TRS-80 computers and related items. Finally, we interview TRS-80 programmer Rick Papo. Rick was the author of several important reference books for the TRS-80 which included reverse engineered and highly documented system source code. These are invaluable references for the modern day Z80 assembler programmer.

You can download or listen at http://www.trs80trashtalk.com/.

Site Updates

The following fixes and updates have been made to the site:

•   The MULTIDOS pages have been updated to HTML5 so they can now be read without being cut off. If there are other pages which are being cut off on the right, please let me know so I can fix those as well.

•   The Archive Search page now allows you to choose if you want to see missing files or files which are not missing.

•   The Archive Search page now has a ‘clear fields’ button.

•   The Archive Search page now allows for ‘noau’ in the Author field to filter out programs where the author is unknown.

•   The Archive Search results page now has a ‘New Search’ button.

•   There are now 1,594 missing files identified, 2,364 ads, and 17,578 screenshots

TRS-80 Model I – Free for local pickup (DFW, Texas)

Update: Claimed in 4-1/2 Hours

A site visitor located in Hurst, TX (DFW Metroplex) has a Model I 26-1001, SN-001361 with monitor, cassette deck, manuals, games and payroll software, power supply, and cables. It powers up but many keys stick, and the cassette deck runs but the belt must be replaced. Free for local pickup ONLY.

I will relay messages sent to me in the order received – email to contest at trs-80 dot com. First come first served.

New Cover thanks to David Sutherland

Title: Tandy Source Book Applications Software Vol 8
Year: 1986
Publisher: Tandy
Pages: 336
Cat No: 26-0215
TOSEC: Tandy Source Book Applications Software Vol 8 (1986)(Tandy)

I continue to try to add ads for files in the archive and missing entries for files which are missing. Unfortunately, this Sourcebook lists the vendor who submitted the item and price as the contact information instead of identifying the actual author of the program; making using it for these purposes impossible. I’ll continue going through magazines …

Updated TRS-80 Emulator

George and Peter Phillips have updated TRS80GP to v2.1.0

Changes include:

  • Better handling of floppy (formatting is the biggest)
  • .cmd files now loaded under TRSDOS/LSDOS rather than ROM BASIC.
  • Sound mute menu entry and auto-muting paused or using menus.
  • Full screen and new sharp rendering mode. (perfectly square pixels with scaling)
  • Reassigned and new hot keys
  • Disk files recognized by .dmk, .imd, .dsk suffix so can be listed without -dN on command line. Or with just -d if suffix unknown.
  • Can insert unformatted blank disks with “-d dmk” and “-d imd”.
  • Printer menu to turn off pop-up and turn off printer (also -poff).
  • Reset button and RAM badge added to soft keyboard.
  • Added IM mode, WZ register, EX latches and Z-80 instruction state to debugger.
  • BASICG and hires graphics utilities now on built-in Model II TRSDOS boot disk.
  • Handling of reset button and HALT instruction fixed on Model I.
  • Clock automatically set for Model 1, 3, 4 built-in TRS-DOS, LDOS and LSDOS.
  • Added -is, -ics, -id, -itime, -im trackdump and -showframe for automatic input “scripting”.
  • Add “Replace” to diskette menu for quicker eject + insert workflow.
  • Now have -m3n for Norcom emulation (99% just a different character ROM).
  • Bug fixes in screenshot when paused.
  • Beam debug now defaults to blue for conflict colour and shows the data that would have been displayed if the conflict did not occur.
  • Built-in Model 4 LDOS now configured for 4 floppy drives (it had only 2).

Learn more and get it at http://48k.ca/trs80gp.html

New TRS-80 Trash Talk Podcast

The podcast TRS-80 Trash Talk # 29 is out now.

In this episode, In this episode, Peter Cetinski talks with Steve Leininger. Steve was the designer of the first TRS-80 microcomputer which became known as the Model I. In the interview, Steve talks about his early life and how he came to be hired by Tandy Radio Shack to design their first computer in 1976. He tells us what it was like to work at the fabled company with a number of interesting stories, many of which you you probably haven’t heard before. Then, he finishes up by discussing what he’s been working on since leaving the company up until the present day.

You can download or listen at http://www.trs80trashtalk.com/.

March 4, 2019 – New Issue of TRS8Bit

Dusty has released the March 2019 issue of the TRS8Bit newsletter on the download page of his web site.

Page 03 TRS-80 8MB Hard Drive Three Wire Fix Peter Cetinkski
Page 08 TRS80GP – New Version v2.1.0 George Phillips
Page 10 Splicing Paper Tape Bill Degnan
Page 13 In Mav’s Workshop
TRS-80 Printers Part 8
Colour Printers
Ian Mavric
Page 26 Magic Squares E.T. Fonehume
Page 28 Model I Hardware Developments Joe Rounceville
Page 30 For Sale And Wanted
Page 31 In Mav’s Workshop
Building Your Model I Power Supply
Ian Mavric, Dean Bear And David Mutimer
Page 36 Stop The Drop E.T. Fonthume
Page 38 Virtual Floppy Boogaloo
Gotek For A M3
Kyle Wadsten
Page 45 In Mav’s Workshop
Journey To F48, a Frehd For 8″ TRS-80’s
Ian Mavric
Page 52 Trapped Knight George Phillips
Page 56 Review Of ‘x-bas’ For The Aculab Floppy Tape Adrian Hancock
Page 64 U.K. Ebay Bargain
Did You Miss Them?
Page 66 TRSnic Peter Cetinski
Page 73 ** Hooj-toons ** The 2019 Competition
Page 75 News From Ira’s TRS-80.com Ira Goldklang

February 14, 2019 – TRS-80 Network Interface Card

Peter Cetinski has been working on a project that provides a simple, cheap, WiFi based, encrypted Internet communications via the TRS-80 by connecting to the Model III and Model 4 expansion port.

TRSNIC provides the foundational protocols required to implement modern network interactions on the TRS-80 microcomputer. The first such protocol provided is TCP/IP via an implementation of the Berekely Sockets API. TCP/IP is the dominant low level network protocol in use today. Many of today’s higher level network protocols like HTTP and FTP are implemented on top of TCP/IP. This means many modern networking applications and systems can be built upon the base TCP/IP support provided by trsnic.

You can read more about it a here and here.

February 12, 2019 – New TRS-80 Trash Talk Podcast

• The podcast TRS-80 Trash Talk # 28 is out now. In this episode, the Trash Talkers discuss how to buy and sell TRS-80s. Using their wealth of knowledge about the Tandy collector’s market they go in-depth on tips and techniques to use at live auctions, eBay, Craigslist and other marketplaces. Whether you’re buying, selling or doing both, you’re likely to learn quite a bit from their experience. You can download or listen at http://www.trs80trashtalk.com/.