– Web Based TRS-80 Emulator

Lawrence Kesteloot has put up a web site called which emulates a Model III TRS-80 and has some sample software and access to the retrostore.

If you create an account and log in you can store your own software there.

One of the many features to note is that if you are programming in BASIC you can click a button to extract the program to a full screen text editor for purposes of easy editing.

This is the same Lawrence who developed the cassette reader/cleaner utility and web site, located at

Excellent work, Lawrence!

New DOS Releases from Vernon Hester

Vernon Hester has released MultiDOS v5.00 for the Model I and III, MultiDOS v6.00 and Esoteric v3.00 for the Model 4. Updates can be found on the applicable MultiDOS and Esoteric pages. The files can be downloaded from those pages, from the Software Archive Search Page or from here:

MultiDOS v5.00

MultiDOS v6.00

Esoteric v3.00

New Manuals from Vernon Hester

Vernon Hester, author of the MultiDOS and ESOTERIC DOSes (and other things), has provided some new manuals in DOC format. They can be downloaded from the Software Manuals page, or from right here!

TRS-80 Trash Talk #39 is Out

Episode # 38 of the podcast TRS-80 Trash Talk is out now.

“In this episode we discuss the usual news and current events in the world of the TRS-80. We discuss a bunch of recent acquisitions. We also review the book “TRS-80 More Than BASIC” and present a new segment “Call for Projects”. Then, we wrap up with a discussion of TRS-80 newsletters, which can be an interesting historical addition to your TRS-80 collecting hobby.”

You can download or listen at