Two New Model III ROM CRC’s

The international version of TRSDOS v1.3 for the Model III reports two previously unknown ‘valid’ CRC’s for ROM C: 3BE7 and 10A6. If anyone out there has a ROM C with those CRC’s a dump (which can be accomplished with a BASIC program) would be greatly appreciated!

Catweasel Tools Updated to v4.7

Quentin Barnes has released v4.7 of the Catweasel Tools originally written by Tim Mann.


  • Added -C option to cw2dmk for controlling detection of incompatibly formatted sides of a floppy disk. If side 1 is formatted with 512-byte sectors and side 0 is formatted with any other sector size, it’ll assume side 1 was factory-formatted and skip it. Detection of other incompatible combinations may be added in a future release. Use “-C 0” to disable the detection.
  • Added new interactive menu. When enabled with -Mi and the interrupt key is pressed (typically ^C), cw2dmk will enter a menu with options. Also, -Me will enable dropping into the menu when the error limit for a track exceeds the number set by -x.
  • Deprecated cw2dmk’s -b option introduced in 4.6.0. It had too many shortcomings with CP/M disks. Replaced with -C.

You can download from Github..

Various New and Different Items!

  • Pete Cetinski has released his game RoundUp! for purchase on disk and on tape. He is using eBay for ordering, so if you are interested, please visit his auctions!
  • George Philips has written a Model III Game where you try to free the stuck Ever Given from the canal. You can download it here or play it via online emulator here.
  • Amardeep Chana has written a Tape-Based Disk Formatter for the TRS-80 Model III or 4. It will allow you to exercise the floppy drives without a bootable diskette. You can download v1.2 here.
  • Lawrence Kesteloot appears to have updated the command line version of his cassette reader/cleaner utility on April 25, 2021. You can download it from
  • Jürgen Büssert has updated his Tape-Based DOS Maker for the Model I to v4.1. You can find his web page explaining operation here or you can download the file here.

March 2021 Issue of TRS8Bit

Dusty has released the March 2021 issue of the TRS8Bit newsletter. Here’s what he had to say:

The start of our 15th year of publication, has some of the most interesting news and ideas that 40 years ago, would, to many, have seemed like science fiction! Dave Veary shows us his upgraded CoCo. Michael Wessel gives the M1 a voice with Talker/80. E.T. Fonehume shows a surprise feature with the old game of Put & Take and has a ‘Flying Saucer’ to show us. Andy has an adventure with a FreHD and a Model 4P. Mr. Threeplates has addition ROM’s for the Model 1. Ian Mavric sets out the details for the 2021 Competition (see the competition page for full details). He also starts building the Mk2 ‘Supermicro’ and looks at problems and solutions with type II HDA memory.

Harold Finch, once again, stretches your mind. Pascal Holdry needs assistance with various projects. Lawrence Kesteloot shows recent developments on his website. A CGA to VGA item on Ebay might be of interest? Don Bannister has a mystery item, from the day, which he hopes someone can identify. There’s a new feature entitled ‘Assembly Bytes Back’ for you Z80 assembly programers. There’s a quick look at articles, published in the day and finally, there are some Ebay bargain from the last 3 months.

It can be downloaded from his web site.

Create Model I Boot Disks from Tape Data

In a feat I find to be quite novel and impressive, Jürgen Büssert has developed a program which will read data from a cassette (or WAV) and write a Model bootable disk. This will allow people with no boot disk, but who have an expansion interface, disk drive, and cassette cable, to create a boot disk! His package includes NEWDOS/80 v2.0, TRSDOS v2.3, LDOS, and MultiDOS v1.6S

You can find his web page explaining operation at Here.

Thank you, Jürgen!

P.S. If you have a Model I and need boot disks, you can so always request them here.