The Forest by Graham T Relf MANUAL/Source Available

Graham Relf, author of The Forest, which was sold by Molimerx, has graciously provided a PDF with his source code, maps, instructions, notes, etc.

The software is still “Known Missing” and the source code does not appear to be complete, at least insofar as the necessary Machine Lanuage Routines are concerned.

Click the cover to download.

Thank you, Graham

UOLisp Available for Download

Dr. Jed Marti, author of UO-LISP for the Model I, has OK’d making UO-LISP available for download! Links are live on the various pages, but they are summarized here. Special thanks to lambdamikel for scanning the documents and to Paul McJones from Software and for finding Dr. Marti’s email address. Software links, other than the below, will be live after the holiday:

Catalog Cover

Newsletter Vol 1 No 1

Newsletter Vol 2 No 1

Newsletter Vol 2 No 2

Newsletter Vol 2 No 3

Newsletter Vol 2 No 4

Software Manual

Tutorial Guide

Click to download the disks … UOLisp v1.5B for the Model I (DMK)

For more context and history on Lisp, please visit

Dave Ahl puts Work into Public Domain

Dave Ahl has posted to his Facebook page that

PUBLIC DOMAIN. This is a public notice that I am formally placing everything that I have written or edited into the Public Domain. That includes material that may or may not have a copyright issued to David Ahl, Creative Computing Press, Ahl Computing, Ideametrics, SBI, DEC, Military Vehicles, Ziff-Davis, or SwapMeetDave. My desire is that this material be used for educational and historical purposes and not for profit or personal gain of others. (I did this years ago, but someone wanted a public notice, so this is it.)

I will be making all Creative Computing and Dave Ahl stuff available for download.