March 17, 2024 – Catweasel Utilities Updated to v4.10

Quentin Barnes has updated the Catweasel Utilities to v4.10

New to this release are:

  • Add -S option. This option allows the user to specify a minimum number of sectors per track and side. If that minimum is not reached during a read, it’ll trigger a retry.
  • Extend the -x and -X option argument syntax when specifying a track range to also allow giving sides.
  • Add partial support for RX02 in dmk2jv3.

The -S is a feature that I find to be a necessary evil. Many disks with issues can erroneously report an end of track data before all the retries are finished, and CW2DMK would then decide “Oh, OK – then this track is 7 good sectors” when it really is “7 good, 11 bad” that was just mishandled. With this, you can make a second pass that FORCES CW2DMK to keep re-reading until it either gets 18 good sectors or the retry count expires.

A ZIP file with the DOS, Linux, and Source Code can be downloaded here.

The main GITHUB can found at

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