May 16, 2007 – What’s Up With The Changes?

As many of you have no doubt noticed, I have scaled back the site to focus on information regarding the various home TRS-80 models and emulators and utilities related thereto. I know that people are curious as to why the dramatic shift was made.

The bottom line is that the site takes a massive commitment, and the time, energy and money would be better spent on my family. It has gotten exponentially harder and harder to maintain the site each year. When it comes down to it, family is the most important, and shedding myself of the burdens brought on from the site will be a welcome relief.

The sites original goal was to preserve the memory of these machines and to provide help to those who wished to relive their experiences with their first computer. I have converted people’s long lost papers and records (and the memoirs of their deceased loved ones). The site has enabled people to relive their simpler days. I never charged anyone a single penny for any thing I ever did, even when blank DVD’s, blank floppies, and postage were involved, and did it all gladly.

I think the site has worked wonders to preserve the TRS-80 through the hard work of many people who have written software to let us image and archive what seems to be rapidly degrading disks and cassettes, and to run those images on modern hardware. While there are so many people to thank for their help, and I am loth to even do so with the fear of forgetting anyone, there are 3 main people (in this category) I found to be personally helpful to me in this endeavor.

First, is Matthew Reed. At a time when there was no freeware utility to read a TRS-80 disk into DSK format using modern hardware, Matthew rode to the rescue by writing READDISK and releasing it as freeware. Without this utility there would have been no widely distributable way for people to image TRS-80 diskettes.

Matthew also prepared, in my opinion, the finest DOS and Windows TRS-80 emulators. Matthew always took my bug reports, suggestions, and wishes to heart and Matthew’s latest emulator remains the only TRS-80 emulator which can emulate a TRS-80 printer. An example of something which Matthew had incorporated as a site aid was “Autoboot”, which enabled me to mount a DSK image without having to know whether the disk was Model 1, 3, or 4. This featured stopped me from having to go to Configure, and cycling through each model, one by one, if a hard reboot on a DSK image produced nothing more than an empty screen, and the list of features which Matthew put into his emulators in an effort to help me out does not stop there.

Second (but, again, in no specific order) is Tim Mann. While Tim’s efforts are all his own, his preparation of the drivers for the Catweasel floppy disk controller card enabled the reading of non-standard and problematic disks. Disks which I would occasionally receive proved excellent fodder for the utility, and Tim was always willing to take bug reports and feature requests.

Third (but, again, in no specific order) is Knut Roll-Lund. Knut is doing for cassettes what Tim and Matthew did for diskettes. Knut’s WAV2CAS utilities enabled the archiving of cassettes. When Knut finished his Level II compatible converter (500 baud), I came up with WAV’s for Level 1 cassettes (250 baud). Knut worked hard to create a Level 1 converter, just as I wound up with Model III tapes (1500 baud and NOT straight ASCII). Knut has since been working on utilities which attempt to determine if a SYSTEM or BASIC tape was not a good dump. The day when Knut manages to integrate an audio capture program which then monitors volume levels, converts to CAS, and test the result for validity, should be a considered a very significant day in the TRS-80 world.

There are also those who have donated hardware (such as disk drives and cassette players – both of which I can easily and quickly wear out) and other help. My thanks go out to these people as well.

I intend to continue with the site, adding information as I find it. I will certainly post any updates as to emulators or tools to read TRS-80 disks and cassettes, and I hope those who develop these fine tools keep doing so with great gusto. I also intend to continue to add any links for any TRS-80 related sites which are out there or which may show up.

May 18, 2007 – eBay

With any luck, I will be able to go thru my TRS-80 collection and start listing eBay auctions this weekend. What I hope to put up first (probably because they are the easiest) is the fairly heavy TRS-80 related Sams Computerfacts collection, and ALL of my original diskettes. These two will likely be broken into different traunches to enable easier shipping. I also hope to list some *working* Model 100’s, *working* Pocket Computers, and manuals. In the future, I will try to gather all the pieces of Model I’s I have lying around, assemble and test them, and get some *working* Model I’s on eBay as well.

May 23, 2007 – Site History Online

I have added the site’s story to the Personal Stories link. It is very much a work in progress.

May 29, 2007 – Status of DVD’s of PAPER downloads

First, I would like to thank everyone who sent me emails. Emails fell into three categories – 1) sincere thanks for what I had done for the TRS-80, 2) kind offers to host/mirror, and 3) kind requests for DVD’s.

With regard to # 3, I did not respond to any of them, prompting some people to email a second and third time. As most of you know – ignoring emails is not what I do, but I had very little to say. So, I thought a news item may be best …

As many of you know, some individuals had been selling (and some continue to currently sell) the DVD’s on eBay, and taking in ridiculous amounts of money from doing so. When one individual managed to sell each individual DVD of the 4 DVD set for $30+ per disk (his donation to the site for all 4 + shipping was $20), I took down the DVD link and ceased making them.

In fact, this person found it so profitable to copy and sell the DVD’s, that he was simply making copies and continued to list them on eBay (his auctions show lots of 10, per disk). He had initially listed the DVD’s as a harmless ‘I didn’t want these disks, so I am going to just sell them for 1 cent’, but once the eBayers, in their infinite wisdom, paid him 30+ per disk, he started making copies and bulk selling them … and that’s a different story.

So, while I appreciate all the kind words and support, I doubt I will ever make the DVD’s again if this is how it is going to go — so no need to email asking for them.

May 31, 2007 – 80 Micro Pages

It dawned on me that since none of the 80 Micro pages contained downloads, there was no reason to remove them. I have restored all the 80 Micro pages, as well as the 80 Micro Table of Contents search engine.

June 3, 2007 – Next eBay Auctions

Although it will take me some time, I believe the next eBay auction will be for all of my original TRS-80 disks. They currently take up 3 of those hard plastic disk holders (which I envision I will include).

June 4, 2007 – Cleanup

I have cleaned up the old pages and have restored them without links. Now they are cover scans, but at least the info is back up.

Also up are the emulator pages and transferring pages.

June 7, 2007

Thank you all for your continuing supporting emails.

Three questions continue to show up, and I would like to at address them here:

  1. I have X software/magazine/manual, do you still want it? Yes, yes, yes. Please continue to send me scans of books, magazines, manuals, etc. Just yesterday, (i) I finished processing a scan of the 1978 Tandy Computer catalog (which contained exactly 1 page of TRS-80’s out of 52 pages!), (ii) the CopyCat II instruction sheet was scanned, and (iii) today I received a scan of the Model I Double Density Disk System Owners Manual. If you have it, please send it. If I do ever make DVD’s available of the paper downloads, newly acquired and scanned items will be on it.
  2. Can I have a DVD of the software downloads? Yikes. As stated below, and while I do appreciate the requests and the financial offers which have come along with them, I have never and will never send out the software files on DVD.
  3. I just got a X at a garage sale, and went to find the hardware manuals for it, but the manuals seem to be gone.. If you have a specific hardware manual in mind, please send me an email with the details and I will do my best to help you out.

June 19, 2007

In case you have been wondering what I have been up to, other than the eBay auctions, of course, I have been adding ‘ad’ scans for the former library and have also won another TRS-80 book on eBay. I am thinking about restoring the Software section, but without links, so it can act as a library/lookup for TRS-80 software information.

June 20, 2007 – New Cover Scan


RS-232-C Interface Service Manual
Year: 1979
Publisher: Tandy

June 20, 2007 – New Cover Scan


Line Printer VII
Cat: 26-1167
Publisher: Tandy
Pages: 20
Year: 1980

June 25, 2007 – New Ad and Media Scans

Added 26 advertisement clips and 43 media scans to the library.

  • [oldnews-activefilter(berlin).jpg]
  • [oldnews-aids3(mtc).jpg]
  • [oldnews-ballturretgunner(is).jpg]
  • [oldnews-builtinfunctions(snapp).jpg]
  • [oldnews-calcsiii(meta).jpg]
  • [oldnews-copyart2(simutek).jpg]
  • [oldnews-copyart2epson(simutek).jpg]
  • [oldnews-copycat2(omnisoft).jpg]
  • [oldnews-copycatm3(omni).jpg]
  • [oldnews-cosmicpatrol(is).jpg]
  • [oldnews-d4testerminal(tas).jpg]
  • [oldnews-descstats(sams).jpg]
  • [oldnews-dldis(is).jpg]
  • [oldnews-electricwebster(cornu).jpg]
  • [oldnews-enhbas(cornsoft).jpg]
  • [oldnews-ezaccount(level4).jpg]
  • [oldnews-ezaccount(level4).jpg]
  • [oldnews-fasttermii(patrick).jpg]
  • [oldnews-filetran(bizmicro).jpg]
  • [oldnews-filetran(bizmicroprod).jpg]
  • [oldnews-flopdocmemdiag(micro).jpg]
  • [oldnews-floppydox32(meta).jpg]
  • [oldnews-forddriving(oatug).jpg]
  • [oldnews-fortranplus(microsoft).jpg]
  • [oldnews-grafpac80(omni).jpg]
  • [oldnews-hypercross(hypersoft).jpg]
  • [oldnews-hyperdrive101.jpg]
  • [oldnews-hyperzap(molimerx).jpg]
  • [oldnews-keepit(tas).jpg]
  • [oldnews-lesc201d.jpg]
  • [oldnews-libraryoption(xyzt).jpg]
  • [oldnews-life(instantsoftware).jpg]
  • [oldnews-macromon(commander).jpg]
  • [oldnews-masterdirectory(is).jpg]
  • [oldnews-masterdiskdir(mss).jpg]
  • [oldnews-microcosm3(basicbeyond).jpg]
  • [oldnews-model44plibrarycat.jpg]
  • [oldnews-newdosplus.jpg]
  • [oldnews-plotgraphsvideo(sams).jpg]
  • [oldnews-produce(molimerx).jpg]
  • [oldnews-promburner(apparat).jpg]
  • [oldnews-propsubedit(prosoft).jpg]
  • [oldnews-purezzap(compcons).jpg]
  • [oldnews-radex1(ijg).jpg]
  • [oldnews-remassem(remsoft).jpg]
  • [oldnews-scientificlib(acd).jpg]
  • [oldnews-silverflash(southerncross).jpg]
  • [oldnews-snappwaretrial(snapp).jpg]
  • [oldnews-st80iii(sbsg).jpg]
  • [oldnews-stockmarket(galactic).jpg]
  • [oldnews-stockmonitor11(mpprod).jpg]
  • [oldnews-superdirectory(feldman).jpg]
  • [oldnews-superscripsitm1(tandy).jpg]
  • [oldnews-superscript(acorn).jpg]
  • [oldnews-superutil44p(watt).jpg]
  • [oldnews-talker(alpha).jpg]
  • [oldnews-tieline(programma).jpg]
  • [oldnews-tmaker(disk1)(hoizen).jpg]
  • [oldnews-tmaker(disk2)(hoizen).jpg]
  • [oldnews-tmaker(disk3)(hoizen).jpg]
  • [oldnews-tmaker(disk4)(hoizen).jpg]
  • [oldnews-trace80.jpg]
  • [oldnews-trsdos21(tandy).jpg]
  • [oldnews-ultratrek(cc).jpg]
  • [oldnews-uniterm80(comm).jpg]
  • [oldnews-xlr8erinstall(hitech).jpg]

June 26, 2007 – More Ad scans added to the library

  • [oldnews-80kismet(wendell).jpg]
  • [oldnews-alieninvasion(softinnov).jpg]
  • [oldnews-attackforce(big5).jpg]
  • [oldnews-ballturretgunner(is).jpg]
  • [oldnews-balrogsampler(chamel).jpg]
  • [oldnews-boss(hester).jpg]
  • [oldnews-bowling(is).jpg]
  • [oldnews-breakout(softinno).jpg]
  • [oldnews-call(tas).jpg]
  • [oldnews-carrace2(softwareinnovations).jpg]
  • [oldnews-cityadventure(softinnov).jpg]
  • [oldnews-climatecomp(is).jpg]
  • [oldnews-cosmicfighter(b5).jpg]
  • [oldnews-crossout(is).jpg]
  • [oldnews-datahandler(mms).jpg]
  • [oldnews-dblzap2.jpg]
  • [oldnews-dday(compsim).jpg]
  • [oldnews-ddt(discotech).jpg]
  • [oldnews-dirindex(alleger).jpg]
  • [oldnews-dosplus31(mss).jpg]
  • [oldnews-dragonquest(is).jpg]
  • [oldnews-duelndroids(christopherson).jpg]
  • [oldnews-evasion(southerncross).jpg]
  • [oldnews-everestexplorer(2).jpg]
  • [oldnews-filetran(bmp).jpg]
  • [oldnews-findiskii(documan).jpg]
  • [oldnews-flextext(apparat).jpg]
  • [oldnews-flopdocmemdiag.jpg]
  • [oldnews-fullscreen(cau).jpg]
  • [oldnews-galactictrilogy.jpg]
  • [oldnews-galaxyinvasion(big5).jpg]
  • [oldnews-gammonchall(acorn).jpg]
  • [oldnews-hellfirewarrior(autosim).jpg]
  • [oldnews-humanadventure(med).jpg]
  • [oldnews-invadersfromspace(miller.jpg]
  • [oldnews-isar(tas).jpg]
  • [oldnews-kbe(tas).jpg]
  • [oldnews-lazywriter(alphabit).jpg]
  • [oldnews-ldosv10(misosys).jpg]
  • [oldnews-lostshipadventure(tpg).jpg]
  • [oldnews-lunarlander(ai2).jpg]
  • [oldnews-mailinglist(howe).jpg]
  • [oldnews-maximanager(ai).jpg]
  • [oldnews-meteormission2(b5).jpg]
  • [oldnews-micronopoly(softinnov).jpg]
  • [oldnews-moneymaster(med).jpg]
  • [oldnews-monitor4(howe).jpg]
  • [oldnews-monsterslair(myers).jpg]
  • [oldnews-mychess.jpg]
  • [oldnews-newdos80v1(apparat).jpg]
  • [oldnews-nuformat(watt).jpg]
  • [oldnews-nupurge(watt).jpg]
  • [oldnews-olympicdecathalon(smith).jpg]
  • [oldnews-omnicalculator(is).jpg]
  • [oldnews-os80(percom).jpg]
  • [oldnews-playfulprofessor(med).jpg]
  • [oldnews-pokertournament(ai).jpg]
  • [oldnews-postmandatav1(laforest).jpg]
  • [oldnews-projectomega(ai).jpg]
  • [oldnews-projectomega(nicholas).jpg]
  • [oldnews-promprogrammer(apparat).jpg]
  • [oldnews-qslmanager(is).jpg]
  • [oldnews-quad(acorn).jpg]
  • [oldnews-quickfix(level4).jpg]
  • [oldnews-sa10savage(ai).jpg]
  • [oldnews-screenedit(tas).jpg]
  • [oldnews-scrinput.jpg]
  • [oldnews-smallbizacctng(howe).jpg]
  • [oldnews-smart80(balcom).jpg]
  • [oldnews-smartiii(balcon).jpg]
  • [oldnews-spaceace21(synware).jpg]
  • [oldnews-spacecolony(watt).jpg]
  • [oldnews-spacewar(acorn).jpg]
  • [oldnews-starwarriors(epyx).jpg]
  • [oldnews-stellaradventure(softinno).jpg]
  • [oldnews-stockpak(standardpoor).jpg]
  • [oldnews-struct1(documan).jpg]
  • [oldnews-superbasic(level4).jpg]
  • [oldnews-superhost(progunlim).jpg]
  • [oldnews-superinvaders(ashmun).jpg]
  • [oldnews-supernova(big5).jpg]
  • [oldnews-superscript(acorn).jpg]
  • [oldnews-superutility.jpg]
  • [oldnews-t80fs1.jpg]
  • [oldnews-taxsaver(micromatic).jpg]
  • [oldnews-thewizard(taylor).jpg]
  • [oldnews-trakcess.jpg]
  • [oldnews-typingtutor(microsoft2).jpg]
  • [oldnews-ultrados(level4).jpg]
  • [oldnews-zbasic20.jpg]

June 27, 2007 – More Ad scans added to the library

  • [oldnews-voyagetovalkyrie(christopherson).jpg]
  • [oldnews-ultra2dos(hester).jpg]
  • [oldnews-tigersinsnow(ssm).jpg]
  • [oldnews-thursdayqback(epyx).jpg]
  • [oldnews-tenpins(acorn).jpg]
  • [oldnews-superscript(acorn).jpg]
  • [oldnews-stringpacker(maine).jpg]
  • [oldnews-starwarrior(epyx).jpg]
  • [oldnews-spaceshuttle(is).jpg]
  • [oldnews-snappextendedbasic.jpg]
  • [oldnews-snappbuiltinfunctions.jpg]
  • [oldnews-smarterminal80(apparat).jpg]
  • [oldnews-qwerty30(med).jpg]
  • [oldnews-omniterm(lindbergh).jpg]
  • [oldnews-newdos80v20(apparat).jpg]
  • [oldnews-mzal(mss).jpg]
  • [oldnews-lunarlander(ai)(2).jpg]
  • [oldnews-ldosutils(qsd).jpg]
  • [oldnews-bionicbasic.jpg]
  • [oldnews-journeycenter(med).jpg]
  • [oldnews-intcntlang(xyzt).jpg]
  • [oldnews-hellfirewarrior(autosim).jpg]
  • [oldnews-grbasic(medsystems).jpg]
  • [oldnews-filetran(bmp).jpg]
  • [oldnews-dosplus33d(mss).jpg]
  • [oldnews-climatecomp(is).jpg]
  • [oldnews-astroball(johnallen).jpg]
  • [oldnews-battleshiloh(ssm).jpg]
  • [oldnews-basicpro(softworx).jpg]
  • [oldnews-arguschron(eduware).jpg]
  • [oldnews-alienattackforce(is).jpg]
  • [oldnews-ccandc(epyx).jpg]
  • [oldnews-graphx(skindell).jpg]
  • [oldnews-proofreader(aspen).jpg]
  • [oldnews-baseball(radioshack).jpg]
  • [oldnews-remodel(racet).jpg]
  • [oldnews-deathblow(ios).jpg]
  • [oldnews-options80.jpg]
  • [oldnews-hyperlightpatrol(fantastic).jpg]
  • [oldnews-make80(watt).jpg]
  • [oldnews-gauntletdeath(progguild).jpg]
  • [oldnews-quickfix(level4).jpg]
  • [oldnews-flextext2(apparat).jpg]
  • [oldnews-propix81(ai).jpg]
  • [oldnews-supermeter(computershack).jpg]
  • [oldnews-minipostman.jpg]
  • [oldnews-aliendefence.jpg]
  • [oldnews-ldos50(misosys).jpg]
  • [oldnews-faster(prosoft).jpg]
  • [oldnews-visicom(softworx).jpg]
  • [oldnews-vacationplanner(ram).jpg]
  • [oldnews-tapecopy1(ssm).jpg]
  • [oldnews-chainmaker(skindell).jpg]
  • [oldnews-empireovermind(avalon).jpg]
  • [oldnews-newtrieve(apparat).jpg]
  • [oldnews-sa11savage2(ai).jpg]
  • [oldnews-rpm(prosoft).jpg]
  • [oldnews-orch85(sa).jpg]
  • [oldnews-mgmtdecision(hayden).jpg]
  • [oldnews-comproc(racet).jpg]
  • [oldnews-blackjackmaster(hayden).jpg]
  • [oldnews-starcruiser(stratagems).jpg]
  • [oldnews-wordstar(micropro).jpg]
  • [oldnews-acquire(avalon).jpg]
  • [oldnews-amazingbjmach.jpg]
  • [oldnews-omniterm(2).jpg]
  • [oldnews-uniterm80(roberts).jpg]
  • [oldnews-tapecopy2(unknown).jpg]
  • [oldnews-supervaders(ssm).jpg]
  • [oldnews-conflict2500(avalon).jpg]
  • [oldnews-postwriter(ssm).jpg]
  • [oldnews-dosplus32(mss).jpg]
  • [oldnews-preschooliq(pdi).jpg]
  • [oldnews-conquest(lakefrontsw).jpg]
  • [oldnews-mailmerge(micropro).jpg]
  • [oldnews-casinoblackjack(manhattan).jpg]
  • [oldnews-copsys(racet).jpg]
  • [oldnews-starclash.jpg]
  • [oldnews-move123(qsd).jpg]
  • [oldnews-mindthrust(hayden).jpg]
  • [oldnews-basicbartender(med).jpg]
  • [oldnews-theempire(computersimu).jpg]
  • [oldnews-masterdiskdir(mss).jpg]
  • [oldnews-datastar(micropro).jpg]
  • [oldnews-flippy.jpg]
  • [oldnews-supersort(micropro).jpg]
  • [oldnews-superbak(mss).jpg]
  • [oldnews-spacecolony(watt).jpg]
  • [oldnews-capture(breeze).jpg]

June 27, 2007 – New Disk Image from Vernon B Hester

Vernon B. Hester has been re-working his MULTIDOS operating system and has provided a number of disks to me to make available. The first is v5.11 of his Model 4 MULTIDOS, copyright 2005.

June 28, 2009 – New Cover Scan


BASIC Conversions Handbook (2nd Ed)
Year: 1984
Author: David A. Brain
Publisher: Hayden Book Company
Pages: 306

July 1, 2007 – New MODEL 4 Software from Vernon B Hester

  • Astrocal [MULTIDOS 5.11] (CMD) – Vernon B Hester (19xx)
  • Cardinal Number Converter v1.2 [MULTIDOS v5.11] (BAS) – Vernon B Hester (2003)
  • Cube Root Solver [MULTIDOS v5.11] (BAS) – Vernon B Hester (1996)
  • DS1286 Bus Clock Utilities [MULTIDOS 5.11] (CMD) – Vernon B Hester (1998)
  • Expanded Debugger for XLR8er [MULTIDOS 5.11] (CMD) – Vernon B Hester (2004)
  • Extended Precision Math [MULTIDOS v5.11] (BAS) – Vernon B Hester (2005)
  • Hi-Res Analog Clock [MULTIDOS v5.11] (BAS) – Vernon B Hester (1995)
  • Hi-Res Animation Demo [MULTIDOS v5.11] (CMD) – Vernon B Hester (2004)
  • Hi-Res BASIC Demonstration [MULTIDOS v5.11] (BAS) – Vernon B Hester (2002)
  • Hi-Res Fill Patterns [MULTIDOS v5.11] (BAS) – Vernon B Hester (1996)
  • Hi-Res Function Graph Plotter [MULTIDOS v5.11] (BAS) – Vernon B Hester (2004)
  • Hi-Res Image Printer [MULTIDOS v5.11] (BAS) – Vernon B Hester (1997)
  • Hi-Res Patterns [MULTIDOS v5.11] (BAS) – Vernon B Hester (2002)
  • Hi-Res Progam Disk [MULTIDOS v5.11] (DSK) – Vernon B Hester (2004)
  • Hi-Res Square Sum Up To 25×25 [MULTIDOS v5.11] (BAS) – Vernon B Hester (1999)
  • Hi-Res Vectors Demonstration [MULTIDOS v5.11] (BAS) – Vernon B Hester (2001)
  • Integer Root Calculator with Double Precision [MULTIDOS v5.11] (BAS) – Vernon B Hester (2004)
  • MegaMEM Memory Map Allocation [MULTIDOS 5.11] (CMD) – Vernon B Hester (2002)
  • MegaMEM RAM Disk Drive [MULTIDOS 5.11] (CMD) – Vernon B Hester (2004)
  • Memory Disk for XLR8er [MULTIDOS 5.11] (CMD) – Vernon B Hester (2004)
  • MSDOS Clock Patch Utility for Jeff Vavasours Emulator [MULTIDOS 5.11] (CMD) – Vernon B Hester (1999)
  • MSDOS Clock Patch Utility for Matthew Reeds Emulator [MULTIDOS 5.11] (CMD) – Vernon B Hester (1999)
  • MultiDOS v5.11 (DMK) – Vernon B Hester (2005)
  • Othello [MULTIDOS v5.11] (BAS) – Vernon B Hester (2004)
  • Perpetual Calendar 1583-9999 [MULTIDOS v5.11] (BAS) – Vernon B Hester (2003)
  • Sort Demonstration [MULTIDOS v5.11] (BAS) – Vernon B Hester (2004)
  • Square of the Sum [MULTIDOS v5.11] (BAS) – Vernon B Hester (2003)
  • String Garbage Collection Demo [MULTIDOS v5.11] (BAS) – Vernon B Hester (2005)
  • Truth Table [MULTIDOS v5.11] (BAS) – Vernon B Hester (2002)
  • Zeus Editor/Assembler v7.4 [MULTIDOS 5.11] (CMD) – Vernon B Hester (2004)

July 1, 2007 – New Software Manual (Cover) Scan


Super Utility Plus for Model I
Year: 1981
Author: Kim Watt
Publisher: Breeze
Pages: 64

July 2, 2007 – New Ad Scans

  • [oldnews-tasmon(hansen).jpg]
  • [oldnews-scriplus30(powersoft).jpg]
  • [oldnews-qslmanager(is).jpg]
  • [oldnews-btext(med).jpg]
  • [oldnews-dynamicdevice(is).jpg]
  • [oldnews-greymoon(shack).jpg]
  • [oldnews-masterdirectory(is).jpg]
  • [oldnews-dosplus34(mss).jpg]
  • [oldnews-golferchallenge(liberty).jpg]
  • [oldnews-baja.jpg]
  • [oldnews-basicsii.jpg]
  • [oldnews-codir(picotrin).jpg]
  • [oldnews-abmcommander(medsystems).jpg]
  • [oldnews-alcorpascal.jpg]
  • [oldnews-autowriter(midwest).jpg]
  • [oldnews-dotplot80(workbench).jpg]
  • [oldnews-forbiddencity.jpg]
  • [oldnews-gauntletdeath(progguild).jpg]
  • [oldnews-forbiddenplanet(fantastic).jpg]
  • [oldnews-ldos51(logicalsystems).jpg]
  • [oldnews-livedangerous(metaphoric).jpg]
  • [oldnews-log(ksoft).jpg]
  • [oldnews-lostcolony(acorn).jpg]
  • [oldnews-macromon(aos).jpg]
  • [oldnews-maxprint(peggytronics).jpg]
  • [oldnews-medievalmagic(liberty).jpg]
  • [oldnews-quickcube(alphaque).jpg]
  • [oldnews-ratsrevenge(med).jpg]
  • [oldnews-sorcseva(epyx).jpg]
  • [oldnews-powerdraw(powersoft).jpg]
  • [oldnews-superutilityv2(qsd).jpg]
  • [oldnews-tanktics(avalonhill).jpg]
  • [oldnews-zapsit(ssm).jpg]
  • [oldnews-apd(tas).jpg]
  • [oldnews-knossos(med).jpg]
  • [oldnews-speak(neville).jpg]
  • [oldnews-grbasic(medsystems).jpg]
  • [oldnews-adventuresystem(tas).jpg]
  • [oldnews-systemdiagnostic(howe)(2).jpg]
  • [oldnews-superdirectory.jpg]
  • [oldnews-oiltycoon(is).jpg]

July 3, 2007 – New Media Scans

  • [oldnews-attackforce(big5).jpg]
  • [oldnews-beyondbasicm1(excalibur).jpg]
  • [oldnews-caterpillar(ssm).jpg]
  • [oldnews-cornsoftsampler(cornsoft).jpg]
  • [oldnews-dungeonescape(dunlevy).jpg]
  • [oldnews-extendedbasicsn17(snapp).jpg]
  • [oldnews-extendedbasicsn19(snapp).jpg]
  • [oldnews-extendedbasicsn22(snapp).jpg]
  • [oldnews-fastbasic(wiley).jpg]
  • [oldnews-fortran34(disk1).jpg]
  • [oldnews-fortran34(disk2).jpg]
  • [oldnews-gbasic30(trsdos13)(micro-labs).jpg]
  • [oldnews-gbasic30(trsdos6)(micro-labs).jpg]
  • [oldnews-hartforthm4(molimerx).jpg]
  • [oldnews-infinitebasic(molimerx).jpg]
  • [oldnews-infinitebasic(racet).jpg]
  • [oldnews-laserblazer(knight).jpg]
  • [oldnews-missileattack(ai).jpg]
  • [oldnews-mmsforth16(mms).jpg]
  • [oldnews-msbasic(disk1)(2)(microsoft).jpg]
  • [oldnews-msbasic(disk2)(2)(microsoft).jpg]
  • [oldnews-msbasic(disk2)(microsoft).jpg]
  • [oldnews-multibasic10001m3(disk1)(alcor).jpg]
  • [oldnews-multibasic10001m3(disk2)(alcor).jpg]
  • [oldnews-multibasic10001m3(disk3)(alcor).jpg]
  • [oldnews-multibasic10001m4(disk1)(alcor).jpg]
  • [oldnews-multibasic10001m4(disk2)(alcor).jpg]
  • [oldnews-multibasic10001m4(disk3)(alcor).jpg]
  • [oldnews-mystadven7(molimerx).jpg]
  • [oldnews-mysteriousadventures(1-x)(molimerx).jpg]
  • [oldnews-newbasic21(modular).jpg]
  • [oldnews-outhouse(factory).jpg]
  • [oldnews-pinball(acorn).jpg]
  • [oldnews-ratfor(aspen).jpg]
  • [oldnews-regilianworm(douglass).jpg]
  • [oldnews-snappwaretrial(ld513)(snapp).jpg]
  • [oldnews-spacerocks(acorn).jpg]
  • [oldnews-structuredbasic(acorn).jpg]
  • [oldnews-templeofbast(molimerx).jpg]
  • [oldnews-trsdosm4v60000(tandy).jpg]
  • [oldnews-trsdosm4v60102(tandy).jpg]
  • [oldnews-trsdosm4v60200(tandy).jpg]
  • [oldnews-uolisp14(marti).jpg]
  • [oldnews-uolisp15(marti).jpg]
  • [oldnews-zbasic85(zedcor).jpg]

July 3, 2007 – New Ad Scans

  • [oldnews-autoplot(menlo).jpg]
  • [oldnews-dunzhin(med).jpg]
  • [oldnews-postmanmass(ssm).jpg]
  • [oldnews-quikpro.jpg]
  • [oldnews-fullscreenedit(dcs).jpg]
  • [oldnews-spacecastle(cornsoft).jpg]
  • [oldnews-ldosfilter(galactic).jpg]
  • [oldnews-led(galactic).jpg]
  • [oldnews-monitorldos(galactic).jpg]
  • [oldnews-epset.jpg]
  • [oldnews-fed(galactic).jpg]
  • [oldnews-rmcobol(rm).jpg]
  • [oldnews-ldosc(galactic).jpg]

New TRS-80 Paperback Book Hits The Shelves


The following is an announcement by Theresa Welsh about her new book.

Priming the Pump: How TRS-80 Microcomputer Enthusiasts Helped Spark the PC Revolution
355 pages, with full Index and over 100 illustrations
Paperback Edition. ISBN 0780979346804
Only $19.95

This is the first book to capture the unique era of the late 1970s and early 1980s, when personal computing was just getting started. David and Theresa Welsh were part of the community of small software entrepreneurs and personally knew many of the principle players whose accomplishments are the stuff of legends.

Some of What’s in this One-of-a-Kind Book:

  • Steve Leininger, hired away from Silicon Valley by Tandy Corp., worked alone amid the grimy surroundings of an old Fort Worth saddle factory and built the prototype TRS-80; the final development cost was less than $150,000.
  • John Roach, Tandy’s product manager, got an agreement from Charles Tandy to build 3500 units after Leininger demonstrated the prototype; this was exactly the number of stores they had — Roach figured if no one bought the computers, at least the stores could use them. Don French, a true believer, predicted they’d sell 50,000 the first year and urged the company to gear up the factory for mass production. Tandy managers, thinking they could never sell that many, were surprised when, in the weeks after the introduction, the Tandy switchboard was paralyzed with over 15,000 calls from people wanting to order a TRS-80. In the first year, over 250,000 people went on waiting lists to buy a TRS-80!
  • Tandy contracted with Randy Cook to create a Disk Operating System (TRSDOS) for the TRS-80 Model I and III, which would support floppy disk drives. The company agreed Cook would retain ownership of the code. But Cook, believing Tandy violated the agreement, created a rival DOS which he sold through his own company. Tandy managers found Cooks’ name embedded in the TRSDOS code.
  • TRSDOS replacements appeared – five of them – and programmers made up their own homespun magazine ads touting their products great features and attacking their rivals’ products in the pages of magazines like 80 Micro, the most popular of many publications devoted to the TRS-80. e.g. Wayne Green, publisher of popular computer magazines, promised to “editorially break” Radio Shack because they would not carry his 80 Micro magazine in their stores; his magazine column often lambasted Radio Shack CEO John Roach.
  • Bill Schroeder, a successful businessman, bankrolled Logical Systems, Inc. and sold Tandy on LDOS as the company-sponsored TRSDOS replacement. A state-of-the-art headquarters and good money followed the lucrative contract, but once he sensed the coming demise of the TRS-80, Schroeder simply shut down his company.
  • Scott Adams created popular Adventure games for the TRS-80 and other early microcomputers, became a celebrity in the magazines, but produced too many game cartridges for a computer that died in the marketplace.
  • Along with microcomputers, home robots were hot. Meet the robots of the 1980s – and the man who said we were all going to have mechanical men in our homes by the year 2000. Unlike microcomputers, robots just didn’t catch on.
  • A notorious scam artist preyed on the gullibility of microcomputer enthusiasts, destroying the Southern California Computer Society with a Ponzi scheme, then bilking TRS-80 owners out of thousands of dollars with magazine ads from a bogus company called World Power Systems showing phony products.

Here is the real story of the first microcomputers, based on the Welsh’s personal experiences selling TRS-80 software and our interviews with amazing microcomputer pioneers.

Visit the book website at to read excerpts.

At present, the book is available only from the Welsh’s, but it will be listed on in the coming few weeks.

July 3, 2007 – Updated Emulator, ReadDisk, and More!!

BIG NEWS! Matthew Reed has updated his Windows emulator to v1.16 and his fantastic READDISK utility to v2.1, all under a brand new domain name of

I have updated all the links here, or you can go directly to his web site and download the software there.

There have been many bug fixes and tweaks, including:

  • Revamping the keyboard handling to work better with CP/M
  • Autostarting now resets the pause state; and
  • TRSDOS 6.01.00 now autostarts.

Registration of the emulator (I get NO share or incentive for your registrations) provides you with:

  • Multiple types of high-resolution graphics boards
  • Orchestra 85/90 music generation
  • Several types of real-time-clocks
  • Up to 1Mb of additional memory (in Model 4 mode)
  • Virtual hard drive support; and
  • Epson FX-80 compatible printer emulation

This is the emulator I use in maintaining the site.

July 5, 2007 – New Ads

  • [oldnews-mysteriousadventure3(howarth).jpg]
  • [oldnews-warriorras2(kaiv).jpg]
  • [oldnews-visigraph(mss).jpg]
  • [oldnews-soundware.jpg]
  • [oldnews-penetrator(melbourne).jpg]
  • [oldnews-hyperlightpatrol(green).jpg]
  • [oldnews-forestfire(2).jpg]
  • [oldnews-dosplus34(mss).jpg]
  • [oldnews-asylumii(med).jpg]
  • [oldnews-elecpencilv20.jpg]
  • [oldnews-ghosthunter(dubois).jpg]
  • [oldnews-newdos80v20(apparat).jpg]
  • [oldnews-hypergatecenturion(synware).jpg]
  • [oldnews-insectfrenzy(dubois).jpg]
  • [oldnews-level3basic.jpg]
  • [oldnews-hoppy.jpg]
  • [oldnews-defensecommand(big5).jpg]
  • [oldnews-brightearly(liberty).jpg]
  • [oldnews-superkeys(aos).jpg]

July 6, 2007 – New CP/M Utility

Jeff Post has updated his Linux/Windows DSKDIR utility to display a CP/M Disk Directory to v1.7. It is distributed under the GPL version 3 license.

July 12, 2007 – New Ads

  • [oldnews-dcdiskcat(rainbow).jpg]
  • [oldnews-spaceintruders(ai2).jpg]
  • [oldnews-spellbound(tas).jpg]
  • [oldnews-strikeforce(melbourne).jpg]
  • [oldnews-warinsouthatlantic(prog80).jpg]
  • [oldnews-balrogsampler(chamel).jpg]
  • [oldnews-isar(tas).jpg]
  • [oldnews-cyborg(compshack).jpg]
  • [oldnews-dataman(string).jpg]
  • [oldnews-softcoresoftware.jpg]
  • [oldnews-dogstaradventure.jpg]
  • [oldnews-escapetraam(color).jpg]
  • [oldnews-hiddenvalley(ai).jpg]
  • [oldnews-curseofcrowley(color).jpg]
  • [oldnews-kidventures(ai).jpg]
  • [oldnews-laserball(ai).jpg]
  • [oldnews-lunarlander(ai)(2).jpg]
  • [oldnews-mortonsfork(color).jpg]
  • [oldnews-panik(demas)(color).jpg]
  • [oldnews-ratfor(aspen).jpg]
  • [oldnews-reignreddrag(ai).jpg]
  • [oldnews-sf1906(ai).jpg]
  • [oldnews-arachnidplus.jpg]
  • [oldnews-battlez80(jms).jpg]
  • [oldnews-crazypainter(misosys).jpg]
  • [oldnews-cyborg(compshack).jpg]
  • [oldnews-demise(acorn).jpg]
  • [oldnews-enemyavasion(acorn).jpg]
  • [oldnews-evade(acorn).jpg]
  • [oldnews-exterminate(jmg).jpg]
  • [oldnews-exterminate(jmg).jpg]
  • [oldnews-jovian(compshack).jpg]
  • [oldnews-kingofjungle(acorn).jpg]
  • [oldnews-rearguard(ai).jpg]
  • [oldnews-seadragon(2).jpg]
  • [oldnews-skyscraper(superior).jpg]
  • [oldnews-startrap(med).jpg]
  • [oldnews-supremerulerplus.jpg]
  • [oldnews-ultraterm(unitedsoftware).jpg]
  • [Warrior of RAS 3]

July 13, 2007 – New Vernon B Hester Disks Received

Vernon B Hester has sent over his 2005 version of Model III MultiDOS and his Model III copies of ASTROCAL and ZEUS. I hope to have them up shortly.

July 14, 2007 – New Radio Shack Catalog


RSC-09 Computer Catalog
With OCR
Year: 1983
Publisher: Radio Shack/Tandy
Pages: 60

July 13, 2007 – New Vernon B Hester Software

Astrocal [MULTIDOS 4.01] (CMD) – Vernon B Hester (19xx)

MultiDOS v4.01 (DMK) – Vernon B Hester (2005)

Zeus Editor/Assembler v7.4 [MULTIDOS 4.01] (CMD) – Vernon B Hester (2004)

July 16, 2007 – New Scans from David Cooper


Publisher: Alpha Products
Pages: 8
Year: (Unknown)


Line Filter
Publisher: Tandy
Pages: 4
Year: 1979


Telephone Interface II
Publisher: Tandy
Pages: 14
Year: 1978

July 17, 2007 – New Scan from Gary Hammond


Issue 24
November 1981

July 18, 2007 – New Book (cover)


Interfacing to the TRS-80 Computer
Year: 1984
Author: Jerry R. Lambert
Publisher: Reston Publishing Company
Pages: 223

July 18, 2007 – New Radio Shack Answers


Radio Shack Answers
Spring 1987
Pages: 32

July 19, 2007 – New Hardware Manual from David Cooper


Daisy Wheel Printer II
Year: 1980
Publisher: Tandy

July 20, 2007 – Updated Cassette Utilities from Knut Roll-Lund

As some of you may know, what Matthew Reed and Tim Mann did for diskettes, Knut has done for cassettes.

Knut has now refined his wonder cassette utilities and has released a major major upgrade. The new version has the following features/improvements:

  • Reads LEVEL 1, LEVEL 2 and MODEL III High-Speed
  • Reads tapes with more than one “file” and they can be any combination of the above types.
  • Decodes the data to verify the contents and displays the result
  • The LEVEL 1 and LEVEL 2 decoding is better (now it is probably better than the original)
  • Improved Model III High-Speed decoding, some special typical errors are handled too.
  • Dropout problems are almost gone, as long as there is data wav2cas can read it.

There are currently a few outstanding issues:

  • Will not read tapes that have very bad timing
  • Doesn’t like ringing so don’t record with too high volume.
  • Will probably have problems with system tapes output directly by EDTASM, because EDTASM inserts pauses.
  • You should use at least 22,050 samples per second when recording.
  • While it understands basic and system tapes, it does not yet understand assembly from EDTASM or Scripsit documents.
  • Disassembly is not yet implemented.
  • No documentation or help file is supplied.

July 21, 2007 – New Radio Shack Catalog


RSC-10 Computer Catalog
With OCR
Year: 1984
Publisher: Radio Shack/Tandy
Pages: 60

July 23, 2007 – New Radio Shack Catalog


CCF-832 Computer Catalog
With OCR
Year: 1983
Publisher: Radio Shack/Tandy
Pages: 12

July 25, 2007 – New Radio Shack Catalog


RSC-8 Computer Catalog
With OCR
Year: 1983
Publisher: Radio Shack/Tandy
Pages: 60

July 27, 2007 – Updated email address

Wayne Westmoreland has provided an updated email address for the Email/Links Page.

July 27, 2007 – New Radio Shack Catalog


TRS-80 Microcomputer Catalog
Pages: 64
DPI: 300

July 28, 2007 – MicroDOS

I am in the process of going thru a bunch of disks I have received, and I must say that microDOS is possibly the most annoying Operating System ever made. Apparently, it is designed to be incompatible with every other DOS, and their recommendation for getting programs on/off disks with their DOS is to CSAVE and CLOAD. What a nightmare.

July 30, 2007 – Updated Model Pages

The main information on the site is under the Models page. In it I have been augmenting each and every catalog number and peripheral available from Radio Shack for the Model 1/2/3/4. As I continue to scan catalogs (which have been posted), I continue to update these pages with new information and pictures.

July 31, 2007 – Converting R/S Software for Hard Drive from David Cooper


Converting Radio Shack Software for Hard Disk
Year: 1982
Pages: 52
DPI: 300

August 1, 2007 – RSC-19


Pages: 124
DPI: 300
With OCR

August 2, 2007 – New R/S Answers – Vol 2 No 2


Winter 1987
Pages: 24

August 2, 2007 – New R/S Catalog – CoCo Software


Program Catalog for the Color Computer
Pages: 20

August 3, 2007 – New R/S Answers – Vol 4 No 1


Volume 4, Number 1
Pages: 24

August 5, 2007 – Software Information Link Online

I have taken the old SQL search for Model 1/3/4 page, updated it so that it provides information only, and placed it as a link on the main navbar.

August 6, 2007 – New Cover Scans


Radio Shack’s Renum
Thanks to David Cooper


Euclid Geometry Tutor (with OCR)
Thanks to David Cooper


Super Step Z80 Processor Model (1980)(Allen Gelder)
Thanks to Mendel Cooper

August 7, 2007 – RSC-11


TRS-80 Microcomputer Catalog
Pages: 64
With OCR

August 8, 2007 – New RADIO SHACK ANSWERS


Volume 2, Number 4
Summer 1987
Pages: 32

August 8, 2007 – New Cover Scan by David Cooper


Level II Double Subroutine Program
Radio Shack

August 14, 2007 – New Tips and Tricks Added

  • Modifying the AMPERSAND Command in NEWDOS/80 BASIC
  • TRSDOS 6.2 Routine Addresses
  • Running TRSDOS 6.2 SYSTEM Commands from Model 4 BASIC
  • Renaming TRSDOS 6.2DOS Commands
  • Model 4 TRS-80 Keyboard PEEK Table
  • Directly Access Model 4 Video
  • Model 4 Video Locations
  • Programming the Model 4 Function Keys
  • Changing the Model 4 Speed (4MHZ Model 3/2MHZ Model 4)
  • Controlling the Model 4 Sound Card
  • Interesting Model 4 BASIC Commands

August 30, 2007 – New Cover Scan by David Cooper


Asteroid – Instant Software

Magazine Needs Picture of Model I

I have been contacted by Michael Gause looking for a high resolution image of a TRS-80 Model I for a publication he is editing.

If anyone out there with a Model I set up could please contact Michael, he would give you proper credit for the picture?

He is looking for high res jpegs or Adobe Illustrator files.

September 18, 2007 – New Covers Thanks To Donald Hennessy


Creating the Computer
Year: 1988
Author: Kenneth Flam
Publisher: Brookings Institution


Quick Printer II
Cat: 26-1156
Publisher: Radio Shack
Pages: 24
Year: 1979


Line Printer III
Publisher: Tandy
Pages: 22
Year: 1979


Upper/Lower Case Drivers
Publisher: Tandy
Pages: 8
Year: 19xx

September 19, 2007 – Embarrased 🙁

I was sorting through the box of new stuff that Donald Hennessy sent over, and, when I went to see if a SoftSide magazine was already archived, I realized that I had not re-implemented most of the magazine pages! I am working to get them back online, albeit as “covers”. Anything pictured has been archived.

September 20, 2007 – More Stuff Thanks To Donald Hennessy


SoftSide Magazine Vol 1 No x
Year: 5/1979
Publisher: SoftSide Publications


SoftSide Magazine Vol 3 No 04
Year: 1981
Publisher: SoftSide Publications


Expansion Interface Manual
Year: 1979
Publisher: Radio Shack


Radio Shack Catalog FC2217
Scripsit v2.0 Word Processing
Pages: 6


Model I Word Processing Catalog
Pages: 4


Subscription Expiration Notice

September 21, 2007 – More Stuff Thanks To Donald Hennessy


TRSDOS v2.1 and Disk Basic v1.1 Manual
Year: 1979
Publisher: Tandy/Radio Shack


TRSDOS v2.2 and Disk Basic v2.2 Fact Sheet
Year: 1979
Publisher: Tandy/Radio Shack

September 22, 2007 – New Manual Thanks To David J. Cooper


Model III to Model 4 Upgrade Kit Service Manual
Year: 1983
Publisher: Tandy
Pages: 18


Year: 1980
Publisher: Instant Software
Pages: 16

September 23, 2007 – New Manual Thanks To David J. Cooper


Important Notice regarding Upper/Lower Case Driver
Year: 1980
Publisher: Tandy
Pages: 1

October 6, 2007 – Thank to Lex Landa

Thank you Lex for sending over your TRS-80 disks!

October 13, 2007 – New TRS32 Release

I am very pleased to announce that Matthew Reed has released an update to his phenomenal TRS-80 emulator for Windows to v1.17.

December 2, 2007

Matthew Reed, author of the fantastic Windows TRS-80 Emulator I use, has prepared a new TRS-80 based site. Please visit it at

December 10, 2007

David Hitchner wants to give away an Assembly Language Development System manual to someone in the U.S. The first taker will be passed on to David for arrangements.