Power Supply

Model 4/4D/4P Power Supply

Jay Newirth (of newSOFT) is selling a Model 4 power supply using modern power supply components while retaining the use of the existing wiring inside the various Model 4 computers.

This revision works for all Model 4’s including the 4P, and has power for both a FreHD and a GoTek.

For more information contact Jay either at JAYNEWIRTH@VERIZON.NET or visit his website at NewSoft Store.


The Model 4/4D/4P uses 4164 chips. These are still generally available although you need to be careful of the source. Fake chips (or chips that will fail) are very much a risk, so it is important to source them from someone who has run them through a RAM tester. There are people who sell based on how much they have on hand, and you can always try your luck on eBay.