October 8, 2023 – TRS80-TOOL Updated to v2.5.0

Lawrence Kesteloot has updated his TRS80-Tool to v2.5.0. This is the premiere tool for working with WAV file cassette images, although it does do a lot more.


  • Display WAV metadata for info –version.
  • Handle Level 1 cassette files.
  • Can mount cassettes and floppies in run command.
  • Handle arrow keys and paste in run command.
  • Support EDTASM files (can convert to .ASC file).
  • Stricter parsing of .CAS files to avoid misdetection of cassette headers.

You can get more information, as well as download the Binaries, from https://www.my-trs-80.com/tool/.

To download the source, go to Lawrence’s repo’s home page at https://github.com/lkesteloot/trs80 and hit the green button marked CODE.

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