September 3, 2023 – TRS80GP v2.5.1 Released

TRS80GP has been updated to v2.5.1. Release Notes:

Changes – Model I/III/4:

  • Linux joystick support.
  • Type current date/time with -iy ‘%m/%d/%y’ or -iy ‘%h:%i:%s’; %Y is full year. Model 2 users: trs80gp -m2 -iw YYYY -iy “%m/%d/%Y\r%h.%i.%s\r”
  • Model 1 CLOAD fixed when using earlier ROM revisions under TRSDOS.
  • Warning if cassette used on Model 1 disk system without CMD”T” with option to turn off interrupts so cassette operation will function properly.
  • halt, irq, nmi states in Z-80 in disassembly for less confusing stepping.

Changes – Other Computers:

  • Support Color Computer SG-8 semigraphics mode
  • Sound now audible on Color Computer Demon Attack.
  • Implemented import/export of Model II TRS-DOS variable length record files.
  • Approximate video beam dropouts in Model 2/12/16/6000.

Bug Fixes:

  • Color Computer reset works when in OS-9 or 64K mode in general.
  • Color Flex 5.0.4 keyboard input fixed (it was seeing entire columns at once).
  • Linux “Change Model” would fail if trs80gp was not on the $PATH.
  • Correctly exports first file on Aculab wafer rather than ejecting the wafer.
  • Some illegal EXG instructions could crash Videotex or CoCo.
  • FreHD emulation bug on Windows prevented access to files with paths.
  • Model 1 LEVEL II BASIC data .cas files no longer mis-identified as 250 baud.
  • Stopped Z-80 suprious breakpoints in halt state or when interrupt pending.
  • Color Computer Program Paks were limited to 8K due to a typo.
  • 68000 execution speed more realistic and decoupled from Z-80.
  • 68000 speed selectable with -mhz16 N, default 8; closest to divisor of 312.
  • Scroll Lock and ctrl+shift+@ now work as Model 2/12/16/6000 HOLD key on linux. And \0 will also simulate HOLD when used in -i or an Alt+N macro.

Visit the TRS80GP Web Page at for the download and information. You can also download it here as well.

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