August 26, 2023 – Scott Taylor releases another game

Scott Taylor has released another one of his games, “Forest Fire.” He writes

“Forest Fire” is a simulation game for one player. The object of the game is to extinguish a growing fire which is threatening the town and farms of the countryside. To do this, you can supervise the construction of barriers which block the path of the fire, or direct a water scooper airplane to skim water from the lake and drop it over a wider area.

You can only move so quickly, so much of the strategy is in deciding what to sacrifice in order to save the most amount of land. The game ends when the fire is completely extinguished. You will then receive a report on the results of the fire, and a skill rating based on how well you protected the town (“#”), farms (“F”), and forest of the area, in that order of importance.

As soon as the game begins you can move, build fire barriers, or collect or drop water by pressing keys on the keyboard. Your initial position is marked by a “+” symbol in the town. The fire will appear as a single “*” symbol in the forest.

You can download Scott’s games by searching the Software Search page for the author field for Scott Taylor

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