August 20, 2023 – SDLTRS II Updated to v1.2.28

Jens Guenther has updated his fork of the SDLTRS Emulator to version 1.2.28. Changelog includes:

  • Added XTRS feature to fake year for TRS-80 clock-of-day.
  • Added 5″ / 8″ disk size switch for Percom doubler and clones.
  • Added debug commands to load and save the emulator state.
  • Added option to set the action for Z80 HALT instruction.
  • Added option to pause the emulator at startup.
  • Fixed 6845 CRTC cursor redraw issues.
  • Fixed bugs in mouse selection.
  • Fixed AlphaTech SuperMem 32K bank switch.
  • Fixed loading of state file for TRS-80 clones.
  • Fixed more bugs and internal improvements.

You can download the most recent SDLTRS II from the Gitlab page: and remember to download SDL (links on the Github page). If you are just looking for the Windows x64 copy, you can download a combined executable/source/SDL v2 package here.

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