July 26, 2023 – New Scans from Quentin

Quentin has continued to scan:

Title: Level II BASIC ROM Kit Service Manual
Publisher: Tandy
Year: 19xx
Size: 8,347,255
Pages: 8
Notes: 26-1120
Title: Duplik and Renum
Publisher: Instant Software
Year: 1979
Size: 5,080,858
Pages: 25
Notes: IS0081R
Title: Super Step Z80 Processor Model
Publisher: Allen Gelder
Year: 1980
Size: 8,213,770
Pages: 20
Title: Super TLEGS Onboard Relocator
Publisher: Alan Gelder
Year: 1979
Size: 2,109,866
Pages: 8
Title: Morse Code System v2.2
Publisher: W4UCH
Year: 1979
Size: 7,844,599
Pages: 7

Thank you Quentin!

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