July 25, 2023 – New Scans from Quentin

Quentin has been diligently scanning. Here are the new items:

Title: TRS-80 Users Group of Southern Illinois
Publisher: R W Hunter
Year: 1980
Size: 5,654,318
Pages: 3
Notes: [1980-07]
Title: ASPTCH v2.0 and SYSTPE and BREAK
Publisher: James Fuller Williams
Year: 1979
Size: 24,423,628
Pages: 20
Title: Micro Clinic
Publisher: Dave Stambaugh
Year: 1981
Size: 23,447,091
Pages: 16
Title: Aerocomp Disk Drive Installation Instructions
Publisher: Aerocomp
Year: 1981
Size: 8,344,851
Pages: 8
Title: Lynx Manual Addendum
Publisher: Lynx
Year: 19xx
Size: 4,408,699
Pages: 2
Title: 80-Grafix Board Brochure
Publisher: Programma International
Year: 1980
Size: 5,187,818
Pages: 5

Thank you Quentin!

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