New Theme

I think I have the theme up and running. I needed to add some more JQuery to fix some shortfalls, and the mobile menu is just plain ugly as heck, but the site is functional.

3 thoughts to “New Theme”

  1. Hello Ira,

    thanks for the information about the new theme.
    Usually I’m not visiting your beautiful and interesting site with a mobile device. But today I made an exeption and noticed a small design flaw beside the overall good looking user interface.
    The text wrapping on a vertical screen display around pictures in articles of the ‘Site News’ is limited to one or two characters which makes the reading difficult and it looks strange. Text wrapping at all costs?
    On a horizontal flipped screen it looks substantial better because of the extended screen witdh.

    Is there a workaround for this on a vertical screen for the site viewers?
    What do the software developers have to say about it?

    Kind Regards

    1. Hi! The software developers aren’t going to make any changes to a free theme 🙂

      I added a bit of JQUERY code to fix some of their “decisions”. I can’t really account for very old posts because I would need to go back and apply styles that weren’t there, but this problem should be fixed now.

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