December 2022 Issue of TRS8Bit Released

Dusty has released the December 2022 issue of the TRS8Bit newsletter. Here’s what he had to say:

The 2 winners of the 2022 competition were Rowland Archer and Alan Petrofsky. Well done guys with some very clever programing. George Phillips reviews all the entries. Texas Tandy Restorations converts TRS-80 printer cables for use with other computers. Ian Mavric has a comprehensive review of Tandy Assembly. Mar J Blair shows us a M4 adapter board, while Hans sorts out keyboard problems with those ‘Big’ Tandys. Ernst Krogtoft wrote a review of ‘Deathmaze 5000’ and Harold Finch had another ‘match puzzle’ for us to solve. George Phillips spots a little M1 ‘Buglett’ and there is news from the ‘Applesauce’ downloads page. ‘The way we were’ features an article by Leon Heller on speech synthesis and there’s details of a product I’ve never heard of, ‘Solo Load’. E.T. Fonehume has an Xmas wish, which you can see running below! and I check-out some of the recent U.K. Ebay Bargains. Finally, Peter Phillips shows us how to divide circles using curves and there’s brief detail of some ‘new’ developements I found on the net. Another fantastic selection of articles, thanks to all who have contributed. Please keep up the good work.

You can view the table of contents here and the issue can be downloaded from Dusty’s web site.

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