Sep 24, 2022 – Texas Tandy Restorations

My Model 4 stopped working. It was originally Lance Wolstrup’s, but when he passed away his Widow asked me to take it. It had 4 drives, an amber screen, and some unknown upgrades. Additionally, when I tried to open it up, I ripped out some a wire from an unknown board.

Since diagnosing this was beyond me, I sent it to Patrick at Texas Tandy Restorations.

Patrick got it working, including determining that it had a Seatronic Super Speed-Up Board with 1MB of RAM.

What else was wrong?

  • The cable where the HRGC would normally be connected was ripped out
  • The left over connector on the 34pin port was broken and needed to be replaced
  • A capacitor right had a broken leg (was touching but no longer soldered in place)
  • The floppy drive controller cable and WD1793 needed to be replaced
  • The PSU had cracked solder and cracked RIFAs
  • Loose wire on character generator
  • h,i,j,k,l,m and o keys were not working
  • Capacitor on one of the drives was broken
  • 3 cold solders had popped
  • FDC chip 7416 was blown
  • CPU was 6Mhz but needed 8Mhz

And of course, he cleaned it. Look at how white it is!



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