September 2022 Issue of TRS8Bit Released

Dusty has released the September 2022 issue of the TRS8Bit newsletter. Here’s what he had to say:

In this issue, there are articles from Ian Mavric who reviews the coming Tandy Assembly and goes about restoring a ‘TEC’ Model I service manual. Denise Goodwin and the Stem Club write about Charles Babbage. Egoitz Campo supplies the results of his latest TRS-80 Tournament, held in Spain. E.T. Fonehume and George Phillips produce  an unbelievable BASIC one-liner program producing Morse Code! Harold Finch supplies another puzzle just to confuse the ‘little grey cells’. Keith Bedford writes a Hi-Res screen dump for the EG3085 printer. A ‘zap’ for NEWDOS80 and a review of 2 BASIC compilers which were written ‘in the day’ by Don Bannister and Derrick Rowe. There’s a look at some of the more interesting U.K. Ebay Tandy sales and finally, George Phillips shows the current state of play with the entries for the ‘Beauty and the Beast’ competition.

You can view the table of contents here and the issue can be downloaded from Dusty’s web site.

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