Dave Ahl puts Work into Public Domain

Dave Ahl has posted to his Facebook page that

PUBLIC DOMAIN. This is a public notice that I am formally placing everything that I have written or edited into the Public Domain. That includes material that may or may not have a copyright issued to David Ahl, Creative Computing Press, Ahl Computing, Ideametrics, SBI, DEC, Military Vehicles, Ziff-Davis, or SwapMeetDave. My desire is that this material be used for educational and historical purposes and not for profit or personal gain of others. (I did this years ago, but someone wanted a public notice, so this is it.)

I will be making all Creative Computing and Dave Ahl stuff available for download.


  1. I *want* this to be true, but only the adafruit blog is making the claim, and others are only quoting that.

    What does _Ahl_ say? That’s what matters. There’s nothing about this on his own website.


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