June 2022 Issue of TRS8Bit Released

Dusty has released the June 2022 issue of the TRS8Bit newsletter. Here’s what he had to say:

In this issue, Egoitz Campo sends details of the recent Basque Tournament. A brief history of computer storage by Anna and her Dad, supplied by Kelly Ackford. George Phillips sends a one-liner optical illusion. Jay Newirth shows just what and where M3/M4 case screws live. Microcore Labs report on their MCLZ8 emulator. Ian Mavric gives a fully detailed account on repairing the M1 cassette I/F. Paul Thomas Metcalf III has a super upgrade for his M1, using a Gotek. Harold Finch stretches our minds and even I have a go too! There’s an update on the SVI-CAS. E.T. Fonehume sends a VERY addictive one-liner. Don’t believe me? Just try only playing it once! One of Lewis Rosenfelder’s super-help programs features in Assembler Bytes Back. How’s your 2022 Competition entry coming along? You’ve got to be in it to win it! There’s details of an EPROM programmer for the M1/Video Genie. A few of the recent U.K. Ebay bargains and finally, Kevin Parker sets about re-capping a Model 2 in his big Tandy’series.

You can view the table of contents here and the issue can be downloaded from Dusty’s web site.

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