Catweasel Tools Updated to v4.9

Quentin Barnes has released v4.9 of the Catweasel Tools originally written by Tim Mann. Many updates to this version were written by Tim!


  • The main new feature of this release is the -R option for cw2dmk. It provides the ability to replay a previously saved log as input to cw2dmk rather than reading from physical media. This will allow users of cw2dmk to pass along strange or unexpected media read behaviors to the maintainers as files without having to mail diskettes.
  • Catch errors when writing to files. Report and exit when errors are seen.
  • Add -X min_retry feature to cw2dmk, accepting the same syntax for min_retry as for -x max_retry.
  • Add QUIRK_IAM to -q option in cw2dmk.
  • Add QUIRK_EXTRA_DATA to -q option in cw2dmk.
  • Various minor cleanup of code and the cw2dmk usage message.

You can download from Github..

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