TRS80GP v2.4.7 Released

TRS80GP has been updated to v2.4.7. Release Notes:

New Features:

  • Orchestra-90 support (No stereo; mixed to MONO).
  • Added menu entry to unload symbols from previous .bds file/symbol loads.

New Command Line Options:

  • -haste option faster than turbo but graphics emulation compromized.


  • FDC 0xd8 command modified so SuperUtilty boots with Percom doubler.
  • Add slight jitter on Model III disk emulation to handle problems with perfect 200ms rotations colliding with 60Hz interrupt.
  • Improved display of IDAM and DAM CRC errors in disk image debug tools.

Visit the TRS80GP Web Page for the download and information, or here for the emulator.

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