M4ZVM Infocom Executor Updated to v11

Shawn Sijnstra has updated his Infocom Executor to version 11. Changelog includes:

  • More core speed improvements
  • Rewrite z3 status line code to take advantage of 80 character width and improve speed
  • z3 status line now supports am/pm and works with the Cut Throats easter egg as expected
  • Bugfix on length of unordered dictionary
  • Regression fix and improvements to line input and Function key shortcuts (Beyond Zork)

Full list of credits, features and issues as well as the source and compiled code are in the Gitlab page: https://gitlab.com/sijnstra1/m4zvm.


  1. I’ve now tagged it properly in Gitlab with some bonus extras including tweaks to the code for interpreting font colour changes which improves the use of reverse text as well as fixing a minor memory leak issue (impacted large complex games). Comments, questions and feedback welcome!


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