TRS80-Tool Cassette Utility Updated to v2.3.0

Lawrence Kesteloot has updated his amazing TRS-80 Tool cassette utility to v2.3.0. This utility is fast becoming a replacement for all other cassette utilities. Recent changes added the following:

  • HEXDUMP command to displays a hex dump of the input file, with annotations.
  • DISASM command to disassemble CMD, 3BN, ROM, and BIN files (entry point can be configured).
  • –verbose flag to info command to display floppy geometry
  • SECTORS command to display a table of the sectors in a floppy disk (contents can be viewed as well).
  • Support for SCP SuperCard Pro raw flux floppy format.
  • ASM command to assemble a program into CMD, 3BN, CAS, or WAV files (baud rate for CAS and WAV can be configured)
  • RUN command to run a Model I/III/4, Level 1 or Level II Emulator.
  • Support for TRSDOS for Model I and 4, and for LDOS.

The standalone can be found on v2.3.0 can be downloaded there or, for windows, right here.

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