M4ZVM Infocom Executor Updated to v4

Shawn Sijnstra has updated his Infocom z3, z4, z5, and z8 executor to version 4. Changelog:

  • Further speed improvements to core VM (various routines).
  • Fixed an issue with screen coordinate conversion (fixed getpos routine, impacted punyinform).
  • Ensured upper window now clips text on all rows.
  • Bugfix: Erase_window (-2) fixed to also erase upper window.
  • Bugfix: Timer code calculation error.
  • Changed timer to be 0.1 second. May be a bit ambitious on 4MHz CPU.
  • Bugfix: correctly reports a fail when switching to font 2 or 3 – fixes samegame.z5 (for example).
  • Change: Set interpreter to be DEC to allow option to play BeyondZork in either mode.

Full list of credits, features and issues as well as the source and compiled code are in the Gitlab page: https://gitlab.com/sijnstra1/m4zvm.

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