TRS80GP v2.4.4 Released

TRS80GP has been updated to v2.4.4. Release Notes:

New Features:

  • (WIP) Track dump in Disk Debug (including HFE)
  • (WIP) Corvus hard disk emulation
  • Raspberry Pi 32-bit (Raspian) and 64-bit (Ubuntu) versions.
  • MX-70 printer emulation (-mx70 or -p :mx70)
  • Additional views for Disk Debug window including a diskette summary.
  • Disk debug window has additional views to show IDAM/DAM and disk summary.
  • Linux GTK version added icon for the main window.
  • Bus trace details interrupt status/mask bits for Model III.

New Command Line Options:

  • -mmu16 n to control number of extension bits of 68000 MMU (0 .. 3).
  • -memgap16 to create gaps of unmmaped 68000 memory.
  • -nld to suppress loading lower-case driver in Model I cassette boot.
  • -wtfs N to update window title at most every N frames on LINUX


  • Authentic mode faster by redrawing only changed lines of display.
  • NEWDOS/80 can now format .imd format diskette images.
  • Orchestra-85 sound no longer noisy.
  • Stop crash when flag register checkbox clicked on windows.
  • Have entry point breakpoint of /CMD file loaded under a DOS trigger promptly.
  • DREM hard drive loader uses .DSK or .dsk for data filename (Linux fix).
  • EMU hard drive blank tracks now same as ext2emu.
  • Formatting more than 128 tracks works for HFE and IMD.
  • Disk ASCII dump works on Super Utility (removed assert()).
  • HFEv3 floppy format will warn and not load (version 3 not supported).
  • IMD floppy format correctly reading/writing head/cylinder maps.
  • Floppy loading improved to fix memory leaks and allow larger images.
  • Memory leak fixes for cut/paste and bus tracing.
  • Model I RS Doubler detect modified so Super Utility doesn’t trigger it immediately.

Visit the TRS80GP Web Page for the download and information, or here for the emulator.


  1. somehow I missed this notice. Amazing work George. Better and better! Excited to see someone build a working 1/32″ scale TRS-80 with a 4 inch LCD panel and Rpi guts.


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