June 2021 Issue of TRS8Bit Released

Dusty has released the March 2021 issue of the TRS8Bit newsletter. Here’s what he had to say:

Articles in this issue feature, Non-syncing M4 videos, part 2 of building the super Micro – Mark 2 and adding More disk drives on a HD system from Ian Mavric, the Teletype M33 remembered by Andrew Wong, Lawrence Kesteloot’s TRS80-TOOL, F12 Key from E.T. Fonehume, ROM errors by Vernon Hester, Destiny Hunter, running a Model 100 from a USB power supply, drawing the USA flag by Kyle Wadsten, Harold Finch ‘Stretches your mind’, details of the recent Basque Tournament from Egoitz Campo, VHD, News from France with Pascal Holdry, MakeVHD – for you 8” guys & Keytronics keyboard repairs from Hans Rietveld. There’s also the usual roundup of, Ebay, ‘The way we were’ and ‘Assembler Bytes Back’ and finally, don’t forget the 2021 competition.

I hope I’ve managed to find something of interest for everyone!

The latest release of George and Peter Phillips’s TRS-80 emulator, trs80gp (version 2.4.3) is just about to BE RELEASED. It now includes emulation added for UNOS booting on the Model 16, a resizable debugging window and ‘drag and drop’ program running. (It still, of course, has the M1 Aculab Floppy tape emulation). This is the ONLY emulator in the world to offer all these facilities.

Full details are available from their website or ‘page 3’ of the latest edition of TRS8BIT.

It can be downloaded from his web site.

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