New DMK Utility Thanks to Quentin Barnes

Quentin Barnes was kind enough to write a utility I had been seeking for quite some time, to be used in conjunction with reading DMK’s (such as on a Cateasel).

Called DMKBSC, the utility runs under LINUX and under MSDOS (just like CW2DMK), and will parse a DMK and advise as to which specific sectors which are bad, if any.

For those who read floppy disks into DMK format, this utility, in conjunction with SuperUtility or other disk mapping software, can tell you what file resided on a bad sector, so you can know what data, if any, was actually lost.

A Tarball with binaries of v0.0.1 can be downloaded here and the source code can be downloaded here.

Update: George Philips was kind enough to compile for Windows x64, so for those that would like that version it can be found, packaged with the MSDOS and LINUX binaries, here.

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