Catweasel Tools Updated to v4.7

Quentin Barnes has released v4.7 of the Catweasel Tools originally written by Tim Mann.


  • Added -C option to cw2dmk for controlling detection of incompatibly formatted sides of a floppy disk. If side 1 is formatted with 512-byte sectors and side 0 is formatted with any other sector size, it’ll assume side 1 was factory-formatted and skip it. Detection of other incompatible combinations may be added in a future release. Use “-C 0” to disable the detection.
  • Added new interactive menu. When enabled with -Mi and the interrupt key is pressed (typically ^C), cw2dmk will enter a menu with options. Also, -Me will enable dropping into the menu when the error limit for a track exceeds the number set by -x.
  • Deprecated cw2dmk’s -b option introduced in 4.6.0. It had too many shortcomings with CP/M disks. Replaced with -C.

You can download from Github..

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